Healthcare Public Relations

Healthcare PR is one of the fastest growing sectors in the public relations industry, covering all aspects of the medical field, from pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and vaccines to medical devices, hospitals and healthcare providers. It’s also one of the more challenging public relations practices, often requiring healthcare PR professionals to take complex information and make it both understandable and interesting to the public, while maintaining a high level of legitimacy.

At Landis Communications, we specialize in both internal and external healthcare public relations, and can help with a variety of short-term and long-term goals, including educating and building awareness, promoting products, and providing timely and effective crisis management communications.

Interested in learning more about healthcare PR? Contact us or LCI’s Ms. Brianne Murphy Miller directly at: [email protected] or 650.575.7727.


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Guide to Healthcare PR Strategies

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Free Whitepaper

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Case Studies

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