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Our Process

Marketing Communications - How We Work

  • We believe in ideas that create change
  • We craft compelling stories
  • We communicate

We articulate goals and set strategy. We work together with the client, defining objectives, setting strategy, and outlining specific tactics, budget, and timeline. We then produce a written marketing communications plan, implement the plan, and provide a monthly written report to the client. Execution of the PR plan is handled by a public relations team whose collective experience supports the client’s public relations goals.

We Articulate Goals and Set Strategy

LCI’s Magnetic Messages. Messages, positioning, competitive analysis. . .and more. Key to every successful public relations campaign are potent messages which resonate successfully with each constituent audience.  At the beginning of our relationship, LCI works individually with clients to research the competitive landscape and compile a strategic competitive analysis with positioning recommendations.  From there, LCI – together with the client – tailors an appropriate positioning foundation with corresponding messages.  LCI’s proprietary messaging and positioning process, Magnetic Messages©, helps clients distill those ideas to the organization’s most succinct and effective essence.

Activities and events are measured against the public relations and marketing plan

With an eye to supporting stated public relations and business goals, the components of the marketing communications plan are prioritized and continually reassessed for their effectiveness. Together with our clients, we develop results-oriented metrics and demonstrate Promised Results© – LCI’s own branded ROI (Return On Investment) program. It’s important that we demonstrate success to our clients.  It’s also important that the identified success is on target with our clients’ business objectives. To that end, we’ve developed methods to demonstrate ROI that are individually tailored to each client’s need.

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Constant interaction with our clients is critical to achieve success

Whether by phone, by e-mail, and/or in person, we stay in touch. We supply our clients with plans, summaries, clipping reports and video clipping reports to substantiate our work. The point is to have fun while achieving our predetermined goals together. Execution of the PR and Marketing plan is handled by a team whose collective experience supports your public relations goals. You will have an account team with one daily point-of-contact, in addition to others you may designate. This team is hand-selected with our specific clients in mind; each individual brings relevant experience and tremendous enthusiasm to the project.  LCI is the San Francisco member of the Public Relations Global Network, so we offer international PR capabilities, with nearly 50 PR agency affiliates worldwide.

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