At Landis, there’s no doubt that we think our work in public relations speaks for itself. But don’t take our word for it: take a look at what our clients have said about Landis over the years.


“AAA wants to thank LCI for the great job on our campaign. The results were terrific & working with LCI was a pleasure. Thank you. “

Jeannine Yeomans , Manager, Media Relations

American Craft Council

“Landis Communications sets the bar for professionalism and results.  LCI’s creativity, strategic thinking and tenacity produces meaningful media coverage. Plus, they’re fun to work with!”

Andrew Glasgow

Asian Art Museum

“Wow, you & your team are amazing! I wanted to thank you for the incredible PR job you did for the Museum & it was a pleasure working with you to boot. The reviews are in & they are as radiant & brilliant as the new building.”

J Mullineaux, Director, Resource Development

Backcountry Pictures

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with the team at LCI. You did a fabulous job, your commitment & enthusiasm for our project was exemplary. The personal & professional connection we feel for you will continue. I am not sure we ever could have entrusted our “baby,” this two-part television series for PBS, to anyone else.”

Sally Kaplan

Becoming Independent

“From our first meeting with LCI, we sensed that they were a highly capable, heart forward group of professionals who would do right by Becoming Independent (BI), which helps people with developmental disabilities lead productive lives. After immersing themselves in all things BI, they began imagining ideal stories to illuminate BI’s person-centered philosophy and approach to delivering services. By tapping into connections in the sports arena, LCI was able to do two incredible things simultaneously: make an absolute dream come true for two Bay Area sportscasters (and individuals served by BI) – Mauricio and Austin – while garnering several high profile media hits, including an above the fold front page story in our local Press Democrat as well as a feature piece on KPIX TV. THANK YOU, Team Landis!”

Luana Vaetoe, CEO, Becoming Independent

Benefit Cosmetics

“THANK YOU! The presentation went so well, my CEO and General Manager kept the congratulations going. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Annie Nguyen

Blind Babies Foundation

“Thank you all at LCI for your hard work on our behalf. We are so pleased with all of the opportunities that resulted from your hard work.”

Julie Bernas-Pierce

Brain Health Registry

“I highly recommend LCI. They helped us with a proactive and creative public relations, digital, SEO & SEM campaign that in just a few short months tripled BHR’s membership, increased minority participation from 8% to 21% & generated widespread media interest in such top tier outlets as The Today Show and & CBS Evening News. They understand healthcare & they understand communications. That is a winning combination.”

Dr. Mike Weiner


“From the media’s standpoint, you can count on the team at Landis Communications Inc. to deliver what you want: news, news and more news. They truly understand the media’s needs, yet are creative enough to get positive results for their clients in the process. Their style is professional and fun — and that makes your job much easier.”

Candy Meyers, Senior Vice President, Editorial Development, C/Net

California Academy of Sciences

“The Landis team provided the critical arms and legs I needed to carry the Academy through opening day and beyond. Their energy kept me motivated, and it was an enormous comfort to know that I could always count on their sound advice. They were the architects of a hugely successful New York press tour that put the new Academy on the national map.”

Stephanie Stone, California Academy of Sciences

California Bank & Trust

“LCI is one of our most valued partners. We appreciate the expertise and approach to the business that LCI brings us, especially given their significant knowledge and expertise in media, social media and public relations. Our team knows we’re working with an excellent agency.”

Steve Borg, California Bank & Trust

California College of the Arts

“Thanks so much for conducting the media training session. All the participants thought the experience was extremely helpful and enjoyed your engaging process (and sparkling personality, of course!). I thought everyone did extremely well, which really helps us do our job better.”

Chris Bliss, California College of the Arts

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

“Thanks to LCI for making it so easy and comfortable for our staff. When it comes to public speaking and working with the media, you gave them the confidence, the tools and training to believe they can be successful.”

Kevin McCormack, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

California State Automobile Association

“In my 35 years in the media and publicity business, I can honestly say that LCI and its team are the best.”

Jeannine Yeomans, California State Automobile Association

California State Parks Foundation

“We couldn’t hope for better results than we have gotten working with Landis Communications Inc. over the past several years.  Their strategic approach to public relations yields media placements that have been consistently stellar throughout the state and nationwide.  They have also helped us create an effective new program, ‘The State of Our State Parks Report Card,’ which surveys California residents about state parks and generates media interest statewide—and beyond—every year.  This campaign also helps us gain support for our Advocacy Day efforts in Sacramento.  In addition, they’ve helped us establish our statewide Earth Day program as the Foundation’s single biggest volunteer event in markets throughout the state, with media sponsors and coverage in LA, San Diego, the Bay Area, Fresno, Sacramento and beyond.  Most importantly, LCI provides us with sage strategic counsel and advice.  That helps us continue to successfully position our organization’s messages effectively to our constituents through an ever-changing media and governmental landscape.”

Elizabeth Goldstein, President, California State Parks Foundation

Centre for Neuro Skills

“Landis has done a phenomenal job and delivered in terms of earned ad value, impressions and public relations around our openings. Their team especially has a breadth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare space. They’ve even sourced different opportunities for trade journals and expert opportunities for our internal team members. In addition, Landis has been a great sounding board, almost akin to mentorship. They’ve done a great job of positioning our physician and clinician groups as experts out in the field. Landis’ work is responsible for over two million dollars in earned ad equivalence.”

Ben Ashley, Centre for Neuro Skills

Centre for Neuro Skills

“I just wanted to let you know I have personally seen our sites at the top or close to the top (of search) consistently lately. I wanted to compliment your team on this.”

Michael Reed, Centre for Neuro Skills

City CarShare

“Landis Communications Inc. (LCI) not only understood but embraced our goal of making the Bay Area a better place to live, work, play and breathe. Without fail, LCI delivered in spades, successfully increasing market awareness, implementing block and tackle media outreach and supporting issues-driven initiatives. They are strategic, smart and results-oriented team players. We highly recommend their work.”

Rick Hutchinson, City CarShare

Cold Stone Creamery

“Creating effective public relations campaigns can present a challenge to any agency. LCI’s enthusiasm and passion for their clients is only matched by their ability to generate creative solutions and results. They lead by listening to a client’s needs and deliver consistently.”

Kevin Donnellan, Cold Stone Creamery

Commuter Check

“Since working with LCI, and combined with the legislative change and marketing program implemented concurrently, our new Bay Area accounts per month have increased by more than 100% and overall revenue per month has doubled. Our web hits are way up, and call volume also has been way up. It is such good news and Landis Communications Inc. deserves credit for helping us reach this great success.”

Richard Oram, CEO/Founder/President, Commuter Check

Commuter Check

“The staff at LCI has been incredibly great to work with. They are hard-working, diligent in getting results and are responsive to my needs as a client.”

Stuart Baker, Commuter Check

Delicato Family Vineyards

“Night Owl Wines hired Landis Communications Inc. to manage the PR component of its launch. The enthusiastic and dedicated Landis team brought passion to the launch of these wines. Their follow-up and attention to detail were impeccable. The outcome included good coverage across the country.”

Cheryl Indelicato, Night Owl Wines

DeVry University

“Hiring LCI to facilitate a PR boost program for DeVry University’s Northern California locations proved to be a tremendously smart decision. The MVP-level account team was strategic and methodic in seeking out positive exposure opportunities with targeted media.  The team’s intent to truly understand DeVry’s core educational values was clear. The resulting placements in top-tier market outlets definitely exceeded our expectations.”

Dan Dement, West Region Public Relations Manager, DeVry University

DeVry University

“You all bring great professionalism and excitement to the DeVry Public Relations Program, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work and extensive efforts to spread the great word about DeVry University and the Keller Graduate School of Management. I am confident we are changing perceptions in a positive and lasting manner.”

Dan Dement, West Region Public Relations Manager, DeVry University


“Yesterday, a television reporter repeatedly tried to put inflammatory comments in my mouth. After the third time, he gave up, irritated but with a hint of grudging admiration. And for the thousandth time, I thanked David Landis for media training that still works 20 years later.”

Elizabeth Cromwell, EGreetings.com

Emirates Airline

“Landis Communications Inc. helped make Emirates’ San Francisco service launch a fantastic success. The LCI team offered big ideas and executed a series of memorable, newsworthy events that allowed media to experience the Emirates brand over the life of the campaign. By thinking beyond the traditional press conference, LCI helped us build and sustain strong media and consumer awareness.”

Sarah Shaughnessy, Emirates Airline


“LCI is a dream agency.”

Rhonda Bassett-Spiers, President and CEO


“The team knocked it out of the park!”

Rhonda Bassett-Spiers, CEO

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

“The LCI team brought wonderful energy and creativity to our long-term project. They delivered plenty of fresh ideas, coupled with persistence and determination, resulting in great PR!”

Samantha Beal, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Native Trails

“Our Avalon product was a great success – we sold almost three times more than anticipated. The LCI team’s excellent media relations work really helped us raise awareness and interest in this high-end architectural piece for the home.” –

Eric Dietz, National Sales Manager

Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)

“It’s gratifying to do this important environmental work, but also to work with partners like LCI who know us well enough to position our stories so well with the media, drop everything when opportunity strikes and also take the time to celebrate when things go right.”

Marti Tedesco, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)

Port of San Francisco

“Thank you all for providing such an outstanding media training session for the Port of San Francisco. For most of our senior staff members and Port Commissioners, it was the very first time that they have gone through this type of training. The overwhelming feedback has been extremely positive. Your excellent work has assisted me in opening the eyes of the most senior people at the Port about the importance of our public image and messaging. Thank you for refreshing and improving my skills as well.”

Renee Dunn Martin, Port of San Francisco

Port of San Francisco

“Great training yesterday, thanks for working out my ‘interview muscles.'”

Rodney Fong, President, Port of San Francisco


“I want to jump in with my great appreciation to LCI for your extraordinarily fruitful efforts on PRC’s behalf. While we are in difficult times, there still are moments of joy and gratitude surrounding our daily work/life.”

Brett Andrews, CEO, PRC (A nonprofit helping people with addiction, HIV and mental health issues)

San Francisco Opera

“It was a very helpful session yesterday and we learned so much from it. Thank you for guiding us through with humor and wisdom and very useful advice. That will stay with us for a long time to come!”

Matthew Shilvock, San Francisco Opera

Save the Redwoods League

“Another proud moment for Save the Redwoods League. Take a look at this front-page article and find out how we are protecting one of the world’s last privately owned giant sequoia forests! CONGRATS TO ALL and a shout-out to Landis Communications Inc., David Landis, Ashley Boarman and Polly Winograd Ikonen.”

Jennifer Benito, Save the Redwoods League

Save the Redwoods League

“We were on a call with one of our primary foundation funders, and his first point about the project was … how fantastic the coverage was! He and his boss heard from so many people, who got wind about it through the news coverage, that they were really elated and also shared that with their board. It made them feel really special and that their support for the project was incredibly meaningful…. With the good vibes they got from this one, they’re thrilled to work with us on future projects!”

Justin Lindenberg, Save the Redwoods League


“Collaborating with LCI is highly stimulating and satisfying. They have always delivered outstanding public relations campaigns that brought great value to us. The team is very skilled and able to generate the highest impact for any public relations, social media or corporate communications activity.”

Alessandra Malvermi, Sound Public Relations (for Sisvel)

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

“Mission Bay was a fantastic opening — and great media coverage. UCSF sings praises about the LCI team.”

Barbara French, Vice Chancellor, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

“The Campaign for UCSF was the university’s largest fundraising effort. Landis Communications Inc., through its excellent strategic thinking, consistent messaging, strong media outreach and can-do attitude, led the effort to publicize the end-of-campaign announcement. The results were on-target. I confidently recommend their services.”

Barbara J. French, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

Velodyne Lidar

“At Velodyne, we have been blessed to work with your excellent PR Firm! Congratulations to the Landis PR team: outstanding work. We are all very proud of your efforts on Velodyne’s behalf. All of you are all rock stars!”

Marta Hall, Velodyne Lidar

Vino Volo

“Landis Communications exceeded our expectations in terms of press coverage of our first-ever city store in Bethesda, Maryland,” said Doug Tomlinson, CEO of Vino Volo. “From securing an advance story in the Washington Post to arranging for important local media and influentials to attend our preview event and everything in-between, they were “on it” each step of the way. I highly recommend them as an agency partner.”