PR Firm in San Francisco Promotes Culture of Happiness

Not only are we really good at what we do, we genuinely enjoy doing it. At LCI, we understand that great teams are built around good culture and great energy. When employees are happy and healthy, they produce their best work. Our people – our talent and our clients – are the reason LCI is successful, which is why our company culture focuses on nurturing those relationships.

As in any healthy partnership, open and honest communication is key. Not just with our clients, but with our team members, too. In the public relations and communications business, there is always more than one solution to a client’s problem. We encourage our team members to express new ideas and share different viewpoints. We believe in ideas that create change, and we have seen the benefit of trusted and open collaboration.

Team member celebrating with a cake

As creative professionals, we tend to pour ourselves into our clients and our work, but we realize it is just as important to refill the well from time to time. Our colleagues are encouraged to pursue hobbies, activities and family life outside of work to maintain a productive work-life balance. And that’s not just talk. We truly support our employees both on and off the job, offering flex time, extra paid time off around the holidays, and allowing employees to head out early on Fridays when workloads allow.

PR Firm in San Francisco Supports Employees at Every Turn

By building a company culture that supports and appreciates the talent we have, LCI has built a team that not only enjoys coming to work each day, but one that is able to craft compelling stories for our clients and gets results, time and time again.

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