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LCI and the changing media landscape

Generating buzz in the new media landscape is all about communicating with customers where they’re looking for information. Because we’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the nexus of social media and new communications strategies, LCI has great expertise in leveraging new ways to utilize content marketing, social media, digital strategies, and reporting on behalf of our clients. Social media and content marketing – blogging, social networks, and peer-to-peer recommendations in particular – have taken on particular significance for product adoption. LCI’s digital arm helps clients leverage content marketing, video, social and social media on a number of fronts, including:

  • Comprehensive and strategic content marketing
  • Video production to leverage digital reach
  • Complete blogger outreach programs and online events
  • Online Facebook fan pages and creative Facebook campaigns
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram campaigns that move the needle
  • Creative use of widgets
  • Client-branded blogs
  • Client- branded YouTube channels
  • Podcasts and vlogs
  • How to improve online peer-to-peer recommendations
  • Online reputation management
  • How to use social media during a crisis
  • Bloggers that use a supplied emblem or badge
  • Client-branded communities hosted on Facebook
  • Comprehensive Twitter programs, including client tweets that keep the community up to date and drive sales
  • Client communities hosted on the client site that are integrated with major social networks…gathering the faithful and intriguing newcomers alike

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