Influencer Marketing in San Francisco

At Landis, we help our clients maximize the benefits of influencer marketing to promote their products and services. We start by identifying and collaborating with the most suitable influencers who have a considerable following and credibility with their audience, making it easier to establish trust with the brand’s target audience.

We create customized influencer marketing strategies that align with our clients’ goals and objectives. Our team develops compelling content that seamlessly integrates the brand’s product or service into the influencer’s existing content. Additionally, we track the progress of the campaign, monitoring metrics such as engagement rates, reach, and conversions, and optimize it to achieve better results.

What’s more, Landis strives to build long-term partnerships between our clients and influencers that go beyond a single campaign. We work with influencers to create enduring relationships that build brand loyalty and trust with their followers. By doing so, we help to establish the brand’s presence on social media platforms, expand its reach and enhance its reputation. Landis leverages its expertise in influencer marketing to help our clients achieve their marketing objectives more effectively.

The question remains: how do you utilize influencer marketing – and do it authentically for your brand? See some of Landis’ case studies below – and let Landis’ experts help you.


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