Using Influencer Marketing in Your PR Campaign

Influencer marketing is an established form of online marketing. It has been a buzzword and referenced regularly by the mainstream media, but what is it, exactly?  According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, “Influencer Marketing is a hybrid of old and new marketing tools. It takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and places it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. The main differentiator is that the results of the campaign are collaborations between brands and influencers. But influencer marketing doesn’t just involve celebrities. Instead, it revolves around influencers, many of whom would never consider themselves famous in an offline setting. An influencer is someone who has:

  • the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience.
  • a following in a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages. The size of the following depends on the size of his/her topic of the niche.”

Influencer marketing involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services.

The question remains: how do you utilize influencer marketing – and do it authentically for your brand? See some of LCI’s case studies below – and let LCI’s PR experts help you.

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