Public Relations FAQs

The Landis team is often asked a variety of questions when discussing a prospective client’s marketing, PR or communications needs. We thought we’d share the most frequently asked questions and answer them here:

Landis Communications, Inc. (Landis) has pioneered metrics-based ROI. At the beginning of any engagement or campaign, we sit down with the client and define success. We measure effectiveness against those definitions using hard metrics. Whether your goals are sales, web visits, engagement, message pull-through or anything else that can be measured – we’ve got you covered.

PR is a time = money formula. Agencies like Landis bill on a retainer. That retainer is based on the number of hours estimated to complete a project or service a client month-to-month. Once parameters of engagement (including scope of work and deliverables) are discussed, Landis presents an estimated retainer fee. Make sure when you are vetting PR agencies that you have a well-defined scope of work and a verified budget; otherwise, it makes it difficult for agencies to provide an accurate estimate of specific costs.

Generally, Landis keeps 10% of staff time for management. Ninety percent of our time is in service to our clients. Clients should make sure to allocate at least an hour each week to help direct the agency and one to two additional hours per week for implementation, based on scope of work.

Media wants one thing. A good story. Do you have something to say? Is it part of a trend or does it constitute news? What is different, first or innovative about your company? Top tier media especially want to hear from reputable parties about new, cutting edge and/or one-of-a-kind stories. Public relations professionals have the experience to tell when a story should be pitched to which media – and if not, we can help you create news.

Landis specializes in media training, storytelling training and presentation skills training. Crisis communications is available for existing clients.

Landis staffers work diligently for clients every day. We never want a client to wonder, “What is Landis doing for me today?” We use project management software and campaign trackers to keep everyone up to date regarding deliverables. Weekly meetings are also a must, even if it’s just 10 minutes on the phone. At any moment, clients can consult a tracker or just pick up the phone to catch up on weekly activities.

Landis bills monthly. We believe in transparency and that includes in our billing processes.

Paid media is the only guarantee of placement, such as when you buy an ad, advertorial or sponsored content. Public relations is more of an art than a science. We recommend that clients work with people who have a proven track record of securing the type of results that you desire, whether it’s national broadcast TV coverage, print feature placements or influencer relations.

Yes, provided your CEO is a thought leader in the field and has something interesting to say. Landis first helps research the right places for your CEO to speak. Then, we develop speaking abstracts that we pitch for trade shows and conferences. While there’s no guarantee, a professional abstract will always attract more attention from programmers. You want to find agencies that have pitched and placed speaking opportunities for many different clients.

Do amazing work and show it off to the best of your ability! Landis researches the best awards that will help attract the customers you want. We can write and submit award entries just like a news media pitch – with a story. Let us help tell yours.

Talk about ROI. If you’re not getting reports that track back to your business goals, it’s hard to make the case for the spend. But an ROI that shows an increase in sales? That works.

Agencies mostly work on a retainer basis – with monthly minimums directly related to the size of the firm. A big multinational agency will have a larger monthly minimum than a mid-sized firm (like Landis) or a boutique firm or freelancer. Those agencies will offer different kinds of services, as well. It’s always best to start with a solid understanding of what your budget is. If you make a few phone calls, you can determine what size agency fits your budget and what services are available for the retainer.

Still have questions? Let Landis’ team help you. Give a call or email Brianne Murphy Miller at 415.766.0887 or [email protected]. We’ll help you figure out a game plan for communications success.

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