What does it mean to run a values-aligned company? 

By Sean Dowdall 

Landis has served more than 200 clients for the past 33 years. Based on that extensive experience, we have learned the best opportunity for achieving great success is when we do work that is values-aligned with our company, staff, community and clientele. Doing values-aligned work is what we believe in as an agency. 

To Landis, “values-aligned” means we seek to produce work and represent clients that help make our communities a better place for all – now and in the future. For example, we believe in a healthy environment, technology that helps people, social justice and the enrichment of our society through quality healthcare, education and the arts. For example, we would happily represent alternative energy clients. But oil companies? Not so much. 

To think strategically and do effective work, communications companies need to understand different perspectives and know the facts to tell a compelling story. We are fortunate that there are plenty of potential clients for our agency that are values-aligned and have stories to tell that can help change the world for the better. Also, we are fortunate to have clients, a team and networks that are values-aligned.  

Being values-aligned is crucial and doing something about it makes it matter more. We’re honored to have been named the Top Corporate Philanthropist by the San Francisco Business Times based on percentage of profits and have made the top list three years in a row. We live our mission and embody our values. That helps Landis draw exceptional employees and clients to our agency. The result is that we are able to do outstanding values-aligned work. Ultimately, that means more than any plaque or award. 

Do you embody your company values in any unique ways? I’d love to hear about it. Email me [email protected].