YouTube…Where would we be without it?

Hi everyone!  It’s Kelly, LCI’s Senior Account Executive checking in.

Every day, at an alarming rate, I hear about a new form of social media.  But I have to say, YouTube has always been my favorite.  Today I was reading a story that made me realize just how far YouTube has come.

At its inception in 2005, I didn’t pay much attention to the phenomenon that would be eventually bringing $1.65 billion to a few lucky fellows who stumbled upon creating the network.  When I did learn about it, the first video topic I searched for was “funny-people-falling-compilation” (and I must admit, that is still my go-to search topic when I need a laugh).  Back then, two or three videos would have been uploaded from which I could choose.  Not much of a selection, but it still made me feel like I was ahead of the technology curve.

I didn’t really see YouTube as anything more than a portal for people to upload random videos in the hopes that someone, somewhere, would want to watch it.  But then, I noticed that people were beginning to make it a major part of their lives.  Some were uploading self-made music videos, many of which caught the eyes of record execs, which lead to record deals.  Video resumes were becoming more and more prevalent, landing even the most useless human being a seven figure career boost.

Next I noticed that major corporations were utilizing the network as a part of their strategic plans.  Southwest Airlines sought internal talent (such as a rapping flight attendant) who they enlisted to help them get new deals and lower airfares across to the masses for a much better bargain than standard advertising on the TV/Radio.  Domino’s executives utilized YouTube as a damage control platform when former employees decided to use a Domino facility as a human waste disposal unit.  Did you know that Nike will many times upload their infamous commercials on YouTube prior to placing them on-air to test consumer reaction before making a final decision to place on-air?

Today’s article involving YouTube was about how a police force in Dallas uploaded a video of a crime taking place at a convenience store.  Their hope was that someone in YouTube’s million-person network would recognize the perpetrator and help bring them to justice.  It worked!  The Dallas police apprehended the suspect and said they would be using the YouTube footage as evidence.  This little platform that once housed only three funny-people-falling compilations is now bringing justice into the world.  Holy-How-Far-You’ve-Come Batman!! 

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4 thoughts on “YouTube…Where would we be without it?

  1. I was just talking with an old coworker from NY, also in the PR biz, last night about the attributes of YouTube and the various iterations of this new media. In particular, Saturday Night Live’s ratings were terrible until YouTube began posting the best segments of each week. While NBC wound up sewing YouTube and posting the clips instead to NBC’s video site, this new media has saved Saturday Night Live’s ratings -and other TV shows- consistantly over the past few years.

  2. I also remember when I first checked out YouTube. The video quality wasn’t great and the site hadn’t started to highlight interesting videos. Users had to search through lots of uninspiring clips to find something of interest. The site has developed tremendously from its original platform. The number of videos the site lists I’ve watched is in the thousands. Looking at how many videos others have viewed, being in the thousands seems to be the norm!

  3. Kelly, I think you started something. “What did I see when I first looked at YouTube?”
    A. For the record, I was trawling thrugh Business Week and my wife Alexandra was nearby, and I mentioned the article about this, yet another, Web development. At the same time we were talking about the past and I was recalling how my mother LOVED Kate Smith. There she was on YouTube, a tender moment of recollection, and the best damn version of “God Bless America” ever!

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