Why you Should Start a Podcast

The Fearey Group, a PR agency based in SeattleBy The Fearey Group, our Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) partner based in Seattle

Podcasting – trend or communication pillar? A few years ago we might have said trend, but we at The Fearey Group have stepped head-first into the podcasting production world and the response has changed our tune and communication style.

Creating digestible, easy-access information is more necessary today than ever before. People are hungry for good content and they want it in bite-size portions. How often do find yourself in front of a screen with time to peruse a blog of your choosing, read a relevant article, watch an interview, or participate in a webinar? Probably not as often as you’d like. Everyone leads busy lives with little room for content consumption, so providing your audience with an easy, flexible way to hear from you is essential. That’s where podcasting comes in.

Accessible, enhancing content

The beauty of a podcast lies in its accessibility. Tune in when convenient. People can listen to podcasting virtually anywhere. In the car, working out, on a run, waiting for an appointment, making dinner, the list goes on. It’s multi-tasking at its finest, making content easy and enjoyable for anyone, any time of day.A man with headphones

If you’re an active public speaker, writer, panelist, executive, thinker, etc. this is your chance to do more. Podcasting provides a forever footprint for your message, letting it live beyond that live interview or public speaking gig. These short audio bytes (20 minutes is perfectly acceptable for an episode) can also serve as a caveat to your public facing content, providing people who follow you with an opportunity to learn more from your industry expertise.

We see the skepticism on your face, but seriously, this works. Here are a few recent examples from Aaron Blank, President of The Fearey Group.

After preparing for and completing a speaking engagement on PR in the food industry, Aaron took the experience and turned it into an easily digestible podcast on How to Handle Food Recalls.

In preparation for a webinar Aaron is participating in on March 13th, he proactively produced a podcast with Fisher Phillips Seattle Partner, Catherine Morisset, discussing the impact of sexual harassment allegations and how best C-Suite companies can respond in the age of #MeToo.

Podcasting is quick and easy

The tools available are so easy to use that it’s a must-do to enhance the type of marketing eyeballs you want on your company or organization. It can even be done using your hand-held device! Podcast Motor states that, “Knowing how to record a professional-sounding podcast on mobile will broaden your reach, heighten your capabilities and ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to share vital information with an extended audience.”

In the article linked above, they name BossJock Studio as the number one must-use when it comes to podcasting on-the-go, and we couldn’t agree more. Used frequently by Aaron, it’s considered the holy grail of producing quality recording using your phone. It allows you to record your own voice while triggering intro/outros, bumpers, and background music all on-the-fly. It’s incredibly affordable (at only $10.00), boasts an unmatched professional sound quality, lets you record two mics simultaneously, and allows users to export directly to their account as well as upload and publish content as an mp3 file.

Here are a few more resources that will introduce you to the world of podcasting.

Tip for Starting a Podcast

10 Podcast Commandments

Tools like BossJock will help you produce quality podcast content, but a fully-equipped studio will always give you optimal results. We are so devoted to practice of podcasting that we built a sound booth at our HQ!

If you’re a PR professional or executive who is intrigued by the idea of making a podcast, but you’re not sure where to begin, get in touch. Our team can point you in the right direction and will happily share our best practices to help you produce something great.

What experience do you have with podcasts? Leave a comment below or tweet us @LandisComm.

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  1. Thanks Aaron. I had no idea you could record a podcast from your own phone and still have it sound legit. I assumed you’d have to be in a studio of sorts. I’ll have to look into BossJack Studio for more info.

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