What I like about PR

What I like about PR…

Hi there, Heather Platisha here – Account Executive and newest member of the LCI team…

When I was asked to put together a blog entry for the company blog, a lot of different topics went through my mind, but the one that stuck out the most was…ME!  Since I am still fairly new to LCI, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself.  Don’t worry; I won’t get too personal…

I grew up, for the most part, in Minnesota – this is where I graduated high school and went to two years of college.  I quickly realized that the Midwest just wasn’t for me, so I made the switch and moved to California.  I had big dreams of becoming one of those famous publicists that represented high-profile movie stars like Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Justin Timberlake.  I interviewed at every entertainment public relations agency before I realized that I wasn’t meant to be part of the Hollywood scene – my Midwest upbringing just didn’t fit with the superficial attitudes that I encountered.

Yes, the beginning of my career in PR started at a small agency that specialized in automotive clients, but what a great lesson in client services and media relations!  Following my first year I decided that automotive was too limiting and so I switched to healthcare/medical devices. Working in that industry was an education in itself – I knew more about spinal cord conditions than I even thought possible and even witnessed a live spine surgery! The one key take away from my position, however, was the relationships I developed with my clients, which is the main motivation to continue to work in PR.

When interviewing here at LCI, someone asked me what I like the most about public relations and which industry I find most appealing.  Well, the honest answer is that I really like the client relations aspect and it doesn’t matter what industry the client represents.  Sure, I have worked with some interesting folks who have made my job a lot harder – but when you work with a client who really values PR and understands our job, to me, that is the most rewarding aspect of PR.  So, don’t be surprised if I don’t want to rush off the phone when talking to a client.  I feel that developing that relationship is vital to the success of the account and may, in turn, sustain the business.

That said, I would encourage everyone to take that extra minute or so to get to know the client (no, I am not talking about becoming their best friend) and understand what they have on their plate and how we can better service them.  This will lead to a successful relationship and in turn lead to better results.

So, now you know why I love PR…next time, maybe I will go into what my favorite food is and why…

My list of five Buzzworthy places in San Francisco

·         Dolores Park

·         The Farmers Market at The Ferry Building

·         Muir Woods

·         Puerto Alegre – The best quesadilla suiza…and don’t forget the margaritas

·         Saha – Arabic/Fusion cuisine; owned by my friend Mohammed

2 thoughts on “What I like about PR

  1. Heather:
    I like the way you think. No matter how technology changes our business, fundamentally, it’s still about relationships. Cheers, David

  2. We all like doing business with people we like and who know us. That builds trust. Noted author and columnist Harvey Mackay says “knowing your customer means knowing what your customer really wants.” You can find The Mackay 66 Customer Profile at http://www.harveymackay.com.

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