What are you thankful for?

brianne miller headshot pinkBy Brianne Miller, Director at Landis Communications

The turkey’s on order, Uncle Bert arrives on Wednesday, and you’ve set the DVR for “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Now it’s time to take a few moments and ponder what we’re grateful for in our industry…

Top ten things every PR pro is thankful for:

10. Google Alerts – how did we ever keep track of client competition without them?

9. Taxi Line at a Conference – I’ve gotten my best media hits striking up a conversation with the person standing next to me waiting for a ride at CES


8. Altoids – this one’s obvious

7. Video Conferencing – it’s so important to SEE your clients and contacts

6. Social Media – it’s never boring, that’s for sure

5. The NEXT Creative Idea – it can come from anywhere

4. Great Colleagues – our co-workers and partner agencies in Public Relations Global Network are resources for almost everything under the sun

3. Created Content – you can’t beat speaking directly to your audience

2. Trusted Media Contacts – great reporters are still out there!

1. Clients – especially the ones open to new ideas – there’s nothing like contributing to their success

What are you most thankful for as we enter the holiday season? Leave a comment below or email [email protected].

6 thoughts on “What are you thankful for?

  1. Brianne: Great list! I’m also thankful for the dog park, where I’ve met new clients, prospects, neighbors and lifelong friends. Cheers, David

  2. Great list, Brianne. When it comes to PR, I’m thankful for my media contacts who I’ve been able to count on for many years. Also, for having client’s that “get it” and make my work life a lot more productive!

  3. With the rise of Uber and Lyft, I wonder if sharing a ride with people using Uber Pool will replace the traditional taxi line? Great post!

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