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Today’s blog post is courtesy of Mark O’Toole of the The Castle Group, our PRGN partner agency in Boston, Mass. Mark offers his thoughts on how social media can reach those hard-to-reach communities.
Social Tuesday: Twitter, meme, social enterprise
Today we discuss “social” social media.
Social media sometimes has a life of its own – and from time to time, it even has the power to begin a new one: Twitter followers of this year’s Golden Globe Awards witnessed the birth of both a mini-meme and a social media star when CNN’s Piers Morgan started a hashtag around the Globes’ shrinking screen time for host Ricky Gervais. It didn’t hurt that Morgan made magic just ahead of the launch of his new Piers Morgan Tonight.
Social media is not only beneficial when it comes to creating a fan base; it enables you to mobilize support for your good cause. After the flooding in Brisbane, Australia, Facebook and Twitter networks successfully rallied volunteers to help the community recover. According to a local social media expert, social media was “invaluable” to inform and connect the residents during and after the disaster.
A great example of target group specific social media use for educational purposes: The British health information provider NHS Choice uses the accessibility of social media to by using an interactive YouTube video to encourage teenagers to use condoms.
Social media is a great tool for reaching out to hard-to-reach groups or communities. Read more on how to use social media for social enterprises.
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