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Alicia Balkrishna here with some exciting news: 

LCI’s 20th anniversary is around the corner and we’re getting a new look. . .

Our branding is here to stay, but our offices are getting a makeover.  When David (the guy with his name on the door) announced that the oh-so-talented designer Claudia Juestel would be visiting the office to kick things off, I felt the mood at our staff meeting lift almost instantly. 

I wondered: Can a fresh coat of paint change your perspective? 

Judging from the popularity of reality TV giants like ‘Trading Spaces’ and ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,’ I’d say so.  Yet, knowing that the whims of American TV viewership might not be proof enough for my theory, our client, the California Academy of Sciences pops to mind.

The Academy has been on the cutting edge of science and culture for decades, yet the opening of its new Renzo Piano-designed facility in Golden Gate Park has catapulted the institution to new heights of popularity.  National press coverage of the museum’s design complemented the wealth of science stories.  Several friends of mine were as eager to check out the Academy’s inventive architecture and living roof as the rainforest and planetarium.  My conclusion?  Aesthetics make a difference (when backed by the appropriate substance, of course).

So, to our designer Claudia, I say bring on the color!  I have no doubt that a refreshed and visually-inspiring office will only support the hallmarks of creativity and innovation that have carried LCI through nearly two decades.

If you’re looking to liven up your own work or living space, check out these Buzzworthy ideas: 

·         Paxton Gate – this eclectic shop in the Mission offers an array of distinctive plants, from rare orchid species to succulents to air plants. 

·          The Other Shop – a great place for vintage furniture and lighting finds.

·         Elle DécorElle may have made its name in fashion, but its decorating mag is great for inspiration.  Profiles let you step vicariously into fabulous homes.

·         Adeeni Design – if you’re in need a savvy designer.  Ask for Claudia.

2 thoughts on “Trading Spaces

  1. Alicia – agreed. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint and a new outlook to help you think creatively. Plus being in an environment where you’re happy makes you more productive. And three cheers for Claudia at Adeeni Design, the Bay Area’s best designer! Cheers, David

  2. Thank you Alicia, thank you David for the generous endorsements!
    I wholeheartedly agree with a pleasant work environment making people more productive. Good light, pleasant colours, organization – no clutter, all of those things can lift your spirits. I look forward to working with all the fabulous staff at Landis PR. Enthusiastic clients are always the best inspiration for a designer.

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