Tips PR Pros Can Learn from the Oscars

By Tarah Beaven, LCI Senior Account Executivetarah
A number of public relations efforts surround Oscar season which is a perfect time for PR professionals to step back and take note of strategies that can be leveraged with their own clients. Below are three such tips that can take your next PR campaign to stardom:

  1. Timing is Everything: Ever notice that some of the year’s best movies are released between October and December? That’s because this is the timeframe closest to Oscar voting and movie studios want to generate all of the buzz they can get so their film will be fresh in the minds of Academy voters. For traditional PR campaigns, capitalizing on buzz is an obvious strategy but with some luck, non-traditional timing can sometimes be advantageous – just as an early film release might help generate steam and accolades in advance. The point to remember is: take the time to strategize before jumping on the buzz bandwagon.
  2. Be a Storyteller: As PR professionals, it’s our job to create stories and share information that resonate with the stakeholders about our clients. Screenwriters write the stories that will be played out on the big screen, and the characters and storylines will be brought to life. Our job as PR pros is similar: to add real-life context to our client’s world in order to intrigue both media and their audiences alike.
  3. Show Your “Hunger:” Ever work with a client who will only take an interview on 82nd Annual Academy Awards - "Meet The Oscars" New Yorktheir terms, whether they’re a titan in their field or not? It’s important for clients to exhibit humility and a hunger to meet media professionals from all types of outlets. After all, you never know where a reporter’s next job will land him/her.

Learn from celebrities who disdain campaigning and then wonder why he/she didn’t get an Oscar nod. People, like reporters, want to feel like they’re nominating celebrities who have an interest in being voted for – just like reporters want to feel like clients are excited and engaged in their conversations.
Which movies are you voting for this Oscar season and why? I’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Tips PR Pros Can Learn from the Oscars

  1. Hi Tarah,
    What a great comparison — I’ve never thought about how the Oscars leverages many of the same strategies we do as PR professionals but you’re right. Now it’s time for the team behind “12 Years a Slave” to rev up their PR machine to ensure that even more viewers see this amazing film.

  2. Tarah – the other thing we can learn from #JohnTravolta (or should I say Jorn Tramolto?) is: rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Great post. Cheers, David

    1. Jorn Tromolto FTW! Even if he was given the cue card, he was not able to pronounce the name of the singer. What a shame!
      Nice post, Tarah! What can you say about poor Leonardo and PR? Just curious!

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