Let’s start over, shall we?

By David Cumpston, Director, Landis Communications (LCI)

Though it’s hard to believe, the last days of 2016 are upon us. Unless you’re one of the fortunate few who’s already thinking ahead to the New Year, now’s the time to get your ducks in a row for a successful kickoff to 2017. Here’s a look at five areas for PR professionals to examine (and act on) before donning those awkward “2017” glasses and saying sayonara to this wild and unconventional year.

  • New business strategies: Consider which new business strategies worked best over the last year and should continue to be leveraged in 2017. Then, after thinking about those opportunities you didn’t win, identify the changes you can make in the future in order to avoid the same speed bumps.


  • Budgets and scopes of work: If your existing clients haven’t yet finalized their 2017 budgets (!), help keep the process moving along by providing them with a topline view of your Q1 PR goals. Introduce a new idea that you know will favorably impact the bottom line – so much so that the client will be compelled to get you what you need ASAP to make it happen.


  • Email purge: Set aside some time during the slow Christmas-to-New Year’s week to clear that inbox of useless messages – and file all the important stuff. Also, take this opportunity to unsubscribe from those newsletters you never read and the email lists you’ve been added to unnecessarily.


  • Set achievable goals: One of the ways I like to kick off every new year is by outlining 2-3 big ideas I’d like to conquer within the first 90 days. These don’t necessarily have to be work-related because even those personal goals (like donating to charity any clothing you haven’t worn in the last 12 months) can have a positive impact on your professional life, as well.


  • Reconnect with the past: From your favorite previous client contacts to those you hoped to have been working with in 2016 but for whatever reason you’re not, reach out to see what opportunities exist to reengage in the New Year. You never know what good fortune may lie ahead.


What are your top suggestions for easing out of this year and starting fresh in the next? Please leave a comment below or you can share with me directly via [email protected].

6 thoughts on “Let’s start over, shall we?

  1. David,

    Great tips. One of the things I like to do is to think about the end of the coming year (12/31/2017) and envision what you would be most proud of in 2017 looking back. That helps set up your goals and a plan on how to make it happen.


  2. David, what a sensible post. I especially like your thoughts on email and 2-3 BIG ideas for the New Year. I’m hoping to get to inbox zero by Friday, so wish me luck. 🙂 Another idea that I might add to your list is starting off 2017 with a clean and organized work space. Taking the time to start fresh in the New Year will get you started off on the right foot. Plus, everyone at LCI knows I love a good clean. Onward for 2017!

  3. I find that the last week before the Christmas break is also a great time to clean out my desk and files, so I have a nice tidy space to come back to after the holiday.

  4. David – great ideas. I especially like how you give clients an incentive to plan for budgeting. Here’s another thing I do: I like to push myself to find 5 new things we can try in the new year. As you know, at LCI we regularly think about new year’s resolutions for the business and compare them to last year’s goals. Now is not too soon to think about those creative new ideas for the business. Cheers, David

  5. Great tips, David. I also like listing new goals for the new year, especially those that make you more productive at work. I also like cleaning my office space and getting rid of all the clutter (very important to some of us neat freaks in the office). I’m so looking forward to 2017!

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