The Power of “Thank You”

Jordana here, LCI’s Account Coordinator / Office Manager…

I received a card in the mail the other day that made me laugh. But it also spurred a profound thought: saying “thank you” really is great for business. The card was from our new dog groomer in San Francisco, Little Ark. It was just a simple “thank you” for choosing their shop for all our doggie-grooming needs. They complimented us on our well-behaved Miniature Schnauzer, Moses, which was a nice affirmation for our little family.
Mose Card
I cannot say enough about how much we swooned over the card. We were blown away by such a simple gesture and we appreciated the little bit of extra effort it took to send us something so thoughtful. Of course we shared the card with all our friends and coworkers! And without a doubt, we’ll be taking Moses back to Little Ark for his next grooming. Now that is a great business strategy.
When companies go the extra mile for their customers, they are truly establishing their brand. 7×7 Magazine recently said “thank you” to their readers by hosting a “Cutest Pet in the Bay Area” contest on their blog. Readers were asked to submit photos of their pets. Of course, our LCI’s troop of “cutest pets” were well represented. The contest is a great way to get readers involved and to circulate more visitors to their website, which is what a truly great “thank you” should do. The winner of 7×7’s cutest pet was announced at their annual Best of the City party last week.
It is important, especially in public relations, to say thank you. Say it to your clients, your friends in the press, and it can’t hurt to spread it around the office. It is the perfect tool for keeping customers happy and to keep them coming back.
Great “thank you” gift ideas:
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As always, a hand-written “thank you” card goes a long way.
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  1. Great job! You are absolutely right that this is a smart marketing tool. Other businesses would be wise to follow suit.

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