The Art of Recession Survival

Brianne Miller, Business Development Manager at LCI, here. 

Everyday starts with mostly bad news from the media.  Recession.  Layoffs.  Foreclosures.  AARGH!

Being a “glass half full” type myself, I saw the clouds forming last year, and took some steps to ameliorate the effects; both for my personal life and LCI.  See, being the Business Development Manager isn’t exactly the easiest position to be in these days – where do you find new business amongst the doom and gloom?  We (and I mean we – everyone in the agency) went on the offensive!  For all of 2008 we redoubled our efforts to meet new people, chase down leads and market ourselves.  At the same time, the account teams introduced innovative new programs for existing clients…which helped us sell to new ones, and especially to new client categories.  So what’s the upshot?  We’re doing well, have a full client roster, and actually added quite a bit of new business over the past 3 or 4 months.  The moral of the story?  Anticipate, innovate, celebrate.

While I share my accomplishments at work with my colleagues, I’m more selfish when it comes to my real life…I’m the Chief Purchasing Officer of the Miller household, and with two little kids in the mix, tightening your belt can sometimes cut off your circulation.  So here are a few buzzworthy tips for anyone wanting to save a few bucks in the Bay Area:

1.     Free days.  There are tons of great ways to enjoy the cultural diversity of the Bay Area without breaking the bank.  One is to take advantage of free admission days at our museums.  A great resource is SF Fun Cheap


2.    Get OUT!  Look around.  We’re in the most beautiful place on the face of the Earth.  So get out there and hike it!  Bay Area Hiker has interactive maps of all the places you can go here:


3.    Be a tourist in your own backyard.  Take a staycation and take advantage of the great deals to be had during our traditionally slow time of the year (you know, winter, when it’s lovely out…as opposed to summer when all those tourists are hanging off the cable cars freezing their butts off).  The San Francisco Convention and Visitors’ Bureau website is a great place to start:


2 thoughts on “The Art of Recession Survival

  1. Brianne:
    Truer words were never spoken and we’re lucky to have you on our team. Keep up the good work and keep that “half is glass full” attitude. It’ll serve you – and the agency – well. Cheers, David

  2. “Anticipate, innovate, celebrate.” Brilliant!! Thank you for doing such an awesome job of “bringin em in” for us!

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