The 8-5 grind – or is it?

Hi there, it’s Ruhee Subedar, the newest LCI intern, with my first blog!

I have been obsessively thinking about my first blog entry all week but every topic I came up with seemed a little silly once I started writing it. However, during my lunch conversation yesterday with a friend who is about to graduate college, my blog entry started forming in my mind. My friend began the conversation with “I’m changing my major again.”

Now I know everyone changes their major in college but this guy has changed his major almost 5 times and is entering his senior year. That is definitely a problem. His previous major was Russian; I’m not quite sure how the two are related — to be quite honest, I think he opens the course book and points to something with his eyes closed.

So as we began to discuss his future major, which he decided would be Food Science and Technology, he paused for a minute and said “Ruhee, I am scared to graduate because I don’t want to work 8 to 5, five days a week for the rest of my life. I don’t want my life to become the same dreaded routine every single day until I become old and die.”At first I thought he was being a little dramatic but then realized I had the same thoughts when I graduated a year ago. The idea of working 8 to 5 every single day terrified me.How could I live with only having two days for myself, which of course would fly by and it would all of a sudden be Sunday night just as soon as it was Friday evening?

Actually, I think it depressed me.

After talking to friends, I soon realized I wasn’t the only one with these feared thoughts and that most other soon to be grads were thinking similarly. Working 8 to 5 meant waking up early, actually having to go to work, being productive and, most importantly, it meant being an adult. But after having been an “adult” for the past month and working 8 to 5 here at LCI, I have realized that working the 8 to 5 isn’t as scary or depressing as I had thought it would be. I wake up in the morning actually looking forward to work and even having fun while I do it. So to all those recent college grads out there, don’t worry! The 8 to 5 is definitely not as bad as you think it is and yes, you will still have a life outside of work.

But first, here is some advice:

  1. When looking for a job TAKE YOUR TIME- you will be working for a long time so don’t rush into it. Starting a job the day after graduation will more than likely not result in fun.
  2. Travel- this is the only time of your life when you will have time. You’re not committed to a job or family so take advantage of it and do something for yourself!
  3. Make an effort to do stuff after work- yes, you will be tired after work but don’t let that hold you back. Make plans to see friends after work, go to dinner, go to the gym, do whatever you plan on doing and make sure you follow through with it.
  4. Do something that isn’t a career builder but is something you love- pick an interest you have and do something related to it. You don’t have to jump into your career as soon as you graduate. I worked for a fashion magazine after graduation because it was something I loved but knew it wasn’t a career path.

So, to all the recent college grads, congratulations and good luck! The world is waiting for you to make your move. While we wait, here are some recommended “Buzzworthy” items to check out:

  1. Shalimar Restaurant– Hands down the best Indian/Pakistani food you will have in the Bay Area. For some reason, no matter how much food you order, it always comes out to only ten dollars a person.
  2.– If you are ever lost, need traffic information or travel tips (which will probably happen pretty often in San Francisco), you can either go to the website or even call 511 where a live operator can help you out.
  3. American Rag– There are only 3 locations in all of California, which goes to show how exclusive the store is. This is where modern fashion meets vintage fashion, the result being a store that you can always find something to suit changeable tastes.
  4. Emirates Airlines– Soon to be flying out of SFO and also a client of LCI, Emirates is headed to taking over the skies. Having flown Emirates en route to Bombay, I can say the food is absolutely amazing and service is excellent.
  5. Whole Foods Market– One of my favorite places to eat lunch (and also an LCI client). The warm smell greets you as soon as you step in and the wide variety and display of foods will definitely please your taste buds.

3 thoughts on “The 8-5 grind – or is it?

  1. Ruhee:

    Sometimes some of the best things get done between 8 and 5 – and you’d be amazed at what you can learn! Great blog. Cheers, David

  2. Ruhee:

    Great words of wisdom which I will enthusiastically pass along to David’s nephews (both of whom are examining the possibilities for their lives). Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Kate

  3. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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