Marketing consultant, Huffington Post blogger and original AOL PR staffer Margaret Ryan had a few more comments about LCI’s earlier Social Media Made Easy blog entry. We thought it was worth posting, see below.
Great ideas for how to break into social media! Here are a few more:
• Define your company’s online personality and implement it across all social media. People want to connect with people, not companies – there needs to be a face to the company. If your company were a person, how would it act and communicate with people?
• Also I think companies should use Twitter to communicate beyond the corporation. This is one of the things that humanizes the person behind the handle and helps people make a connection. For example: if you are an agency that works with start-ups, why not highlight all types of innovation?
• Monitor what is being said about your industry on Twitter and join the conversation as appropriate. Balance Tweets, Retweets and ‘messages.
• Give credit to cool, innovative, or thought provoking ideas, even if coined by someone else (RT, via ‘) Margaret Ryan is a Bay Area marketing consultant that helps companies connect with their customers online.
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2 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA MADE EASY – PART 2

  1. Margaret – terrific thoughts and thanks for the shout-out. Coming from you, we’re impressed! Cheers, David

  2. Great ideas, Margaret. I concur on the whole “personality” thing – we need to use social media to project who we are – and we are the collective personality (quirks and all!) of our staff. Thanks for the contributions!

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