Sipping wine on a safari?

Parisa Khazei here, LCI’s new intern!  September has been quite a busy month, with never enough time in a day, or shall I say, in a month – where did September go? 

I am absolutely thrilled to be the newest team member at LCI, but I am also a full-time graduate student (one of David Landis’ students at Golden Gate University), and a Libra with September birthday celebrations a month long!

One of my birthday surprises led me to an unknown SF/Bay Area attraction, Safari West: ‘the spirit of Africa in the heart of the Wine Country.’  Who knew the spirit of Africa was right in our backyard?!? The pace of life at this establishment immediately slowed me down and brought me back to an earth where my life wasn’t dictated by deadlines, my cell phone connection was absent, and my time spent was forced upon me by the nature that surrounded me.  As one of four wild animal reserves in the country, Safari West exhibits nature’s most beautiful animals in their natural habits.  Safari West has over 400 exotic mammals and birds.  If you are lucky enough to spend the night in one of their many Safari tents imported direct from Africa, you fall asleep to echoing sounds of Africa and wake up to views of grazing giraffes outside of your window.  

If you love wine and animals – and would like to try something you’ve never done before, or if you just need to be forced to relax, an adventure awaits you on the ‘Sonoma Serengeti’!

Buzzworthy Mentions:

Golden Gate University (GGU) – offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed to engage students in real-world business situations.

Burke Williams Spa – if you can’t make it to Safari West, breathe in exotic scents and slip out of the real world with a relaxing massage.

Boboquivari’s The Steak – a stylish twist on a traditional steakhouse in the heart of the Marina.

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  1. Parisa – I’ve always wanted to go to Safari West and now you’ve helped me make this a #1 priority. Another Libra (guess who?!!) has a birthday coming up soon. . .Cheers, David

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