Royal Wedding; to copy or not to copy?

Jordana here, LCI’s assistant account executive. As someone who is currently planning her own impending nuptial celebration, I was undoubtedly intrigued by last Friday’s Royal Wedding event and all the PR hubbub that surrounded it. Most would consider ourselves lucky if we can manage an engagement photo and wedding date announcement in our local newspaper. The amount of PR this wedding received was, well, above average to say the least. That’s been great for us brides-to-be, when it comes to checking out our competition. Most would say that Kate Middleton is living every girl’s dream of a princess’ wedding at a royal palace. Though I’ve never been the princess type, I’m interested to see how our weddings might compare if held to a Venn diagram, of sorts.
….So, I thought I’d compare what Kate’s wedding has in common with mine:
Kate: Alexander McQueen wedding dress; a tiara from the Queen’s collection of Crown Jewels; post-church outfit change.
Me: Enzoani wedding dress; beaded belt of jewels (not-of-the-crown sort)
Kate: Lunch reception at Buckingham Palace
Me: Dinner and dancing at a country club in the Napa Valley
Kate: Hundreds of esteemed guests (wearing hundreds of fashionably ridiculous hats); viewed by 22.8 million
Me: 150 close friends and family (possibly a kippah or two); viewed by my future husband and I in our living room several years from now
Kate: A family-commissioned coat of arms (or family seal) to represent Kate’s new identity
Me: A monogram of our initials, drawn specially for us by graphic designer and good friend, Alex Prodaniuk
Planning a wedding presents a myriad of creative possibilities; the most special aspect of which is making the details your own. Kate Middleton was no exception. All the details of her wedding, from flawless dress and bouquet to the untraditional “double-kiss,” were her own. Though I am not among those who will rush to copy the Royal Wedding, I can only aspire to make mine as original as Kate so brilliantly made hers. Inspiring indeed.
And, the consummate PR professional that I am, here’s hoping that the NY Times will profile my wedding!
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4 thoughts on “Royal Wedding; to copy or not to copy?

  1. Jordana – you and Kate are inseparable! Better get onto that NY Times pitch, I hear it’s a long lead deadline. . . Cheers, David

  2. Jordana, sounds like you have some lovely details in store for your big day! And at least your wedding will be fully “your own”….Kate was a bit constrained by English tradition in many ways….and every woman is a princess on her wedding day, right?

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