Reinventing the Last Day on the Job

Alicia Balkrishna, Senior Account Supervisor, here with my swan song for BackTalk. As I put finger to keyboard, I’m admiring beautiful white orchids, a bottle of champagne and a candy jar filled with Almond Rocha. No, I’m not on a romantic getaway. These are among the generous farewell gifts from clients and colleagues. After four terrific years at LCI, I’m taking a new step in my career.
While leaving a job is never a walk in the park, I’m struck with overwhelming gratitude. The graciousness of clients, co-workers and and media has left a lasting impression. Beyond the warm wishes, I’ve experienced a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from tremendous professionals of all stripes – from
the musical visionaries at SFJAZZ to the industry leaders at MetLife to the environmental champions at Save the Redwoods League and many others. And, I can’t forget the team and LCI’s fearless leader, David Landis, whose contribution to me and my career has been simply huge.
Who says it has to be called the last day on the job? I’m declaring it my day of gratitude.
Merci, gracias, danke.

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