Ready life? ‘Cause here I come

Paige Kenny, LCI Intern, here…

I’ll be permanently signing off shortly as my internship at LCI has come to an end.

Last Friday, when I celebrated my 23rd birthday, I was thinking about the ways in which I would like to change my life over the next year, making it the best year ever.  I am amazed at the choices I have and how many decisions in the next months will be completely in my control and could set the direction for my future.

Should I travel for a month this summer, seeing the sights and staying with relatives?  “I promise you won’t have a bad meal, Paige.”  Should I join my sister and her best friend driving cross-country this summer?  “You will have a chance to see so many American landmarks, Paige.”  Should I splurge and spend the rest of my small “wad” on dinner at El Postrio?  “Oh for heavens sake, Paige.  What is money for if you can’t treat yourself every once in a while.”  Should I go back to school?  Should I sign another year’s lease in San Francisco with my roommates or try life in another city? Should I get a dog? Should I just dive into a full-time career? Should I…  Should I…  Should I…

I share my thoughts because they are reminders of how much life has to offer and even though we say we want to live without regrets, I really don’t know many people who evaluate their choices and are willing to take risks to explore and change.  In fact, I often hear people say, “What was I thinking when I did that?!?” Or, “I wish I had done that when I was young.”  

Sometimes people tell me it’s good to just let life happen.  Sometimes the flow of life presents opportunities, and you will be able to take advantage of them if you have a personal plan for the future.  Forcing events can be destructive.  But most of the time, it appears that only you know what will make you happy – and you need to make your choices.  Although gaining insight from family, friends and significant others can be helpful, it comes down to you and your instincts. Just remember: the options are endless and within your control.

I want to make the best choices for me and some day in the future come to the conclusion that “I had a Beautiful Life.” 

Buzzworthy Tips:

1.       Chez Papa – ( Delicious. Period.

2.       Suppenkuche – ( You can drink out of a boot….a glass boot.


3.       Mama’s – (  I’ve never been but I hear this place is amazing!


3 thoughts on “Ready life? ‘Cause here I come

  1. Paige, we’ll all miss you no matter which direction you take. And I’m confident that the future holds so many options for you…you’re right to trust your instincts. It’s just the beginning…

  2. Hi Paige, what a thoughtful blog post! It’s been a genuine pleasure having you here with us at LCI, and we’re really going to miss your beaming face ’round these parts. For the record, just like there’s no such thing as “bad PR”, there really are no wrong choices. Be sure to keep us posted on all of your adventures!

  3. Paige – keep up that attitude and you’ll be successful no matter what you do. All the best, you’ve been a GREAT intern. Cheers, David

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