Public Relations: For Those Who Think Young!


Jessica Lee, LCI account coordinator here.


Now that September has rolled around, children are heading back to school. And though I’m glad I no longer have to worry about tests, papers or running across campus to get to my next class, I envy those kids. About a year and a half ago, I graduated from UC Berkeley (go Bears!) and entered ‘the real world.’ Instead of trying to keep my grades up, I’m now faced with a new set of ‘adult’ responsibilities –performing well at work, paying my bills, and figuring out what FICA is and why they get to take a huge chunk out of my paycheck every month. Sometimes I think to myself, I just want to be a kid again.


Actually, I think I’ll always be just a silly kid at heart. To heck with everyone who thinks we need to grow up and become more mature! So what if my friends and I want to order brunch at Mama’s and ask for crayons so we can draw on our placemats? What’s wrong with breaking into “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin at work? And yeah, I’ll play on the swings if I want to!


After thinking about this, I realized that certain ‘childish’ characteristics could serve me well as someone working in the PR industry. For example, a youthful openness to seeing, touching, tasting and smelling everything around you is important to PR pros, because we always have to be looking ahead to the next new thing, such as the latest technology like Twitter and new media outlets. As with kids and mud, we also can’t be afraid to get down and dirty. You can’t put together a great social media campaign [link to Heather’s blog] unless you’re willing to test it out yourself, make some mistakes and work out the kinks first. As children, we had wild, limitless imaginations. If we’re lucky enough to have avoided some of the cynicism that comes with adulthood, that creativity can help us craft brilliant PR plans and brainstorm great pitch ideas at work.  Finally, being a kid was all about having fun. PR can sometimes get stressful, but if we’re able to find bits of fun at work, whether it be chatting with a co-worker or throwing around a Koosh ball for a few minutes, we get through those long days much easier.


It seems that as we grow older, it’s easy to feel like we have to follow the rules and fit in with other adults – but we have to remember not to let that limit us in our thinking or our willingness to explore new things. So go ahead, dig into that bowl of Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries and let that inner child out once in awhile!


And now for this week’s Buzzworthy things around town:


Bin 38 ( – A very cute wine bar/lounge in the Marina. I went there on Labor Day weekend for a friend’s birthday and we all loved Bin 38’s outdoor patio and the friendly waitress. They sell wines by the half-glass as well, so you can try all the yummy wines (my favorite was the crisp Burgans Albariño Rías Baixas, 2007).


Cal Football ( – The college football season kicked off two weeks ago, and my beloved Golden Bears are on a roll, with landslide victories over Maryland and Eastern Washington. The next home game is against ‘U$C’ on October 3 – tickets are sold out, but you could always hike up to Tightwad Hill and watch the game for free from the hilltop.


Miller’s East Coast Deli ( – Follow these instructions and you will not be disappointed: Go to Miller’s Deli on Polk and Clay. Order the Luna, a sandwich stuffed with BBQ brisket, coleslaw and cheddar cheese. Enjoy the warm, messy and indescribable goodness – and worry about the calories later.

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