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Today’s blog is a guest post by Anne Buchanan of Buchanan PR, one of LCI’s Public Relations Global Network partners.  Be sure to visit PRGN online at:
I just returned from the semi-annual gathering of the Public Relations Global Network – an independent network of 40 public relations firms from around the world to which Buchanan PR belongs.
It’s a veritable United Nations when we assemble to discuss our agencies, how we can work together to benefit our clients, and what keeps us up at night.
It’s also rather remarkable how consistent client needs and challenges are, no matter the continent on which they are headquartered.
At this meeting in Mexico, we were fortunate enough to welcome two, new members to our fold – CROS Communications in Moscow, Russia, and Perfect Relations in Mumbai, India. Both of these markets are exploding in growth. In fact, when I asked Maria Mordvinova of CROS which area of PR was expanding the most in her market, she was unable to identify a single stand-out: “Because everything is growing so fast in Russia, all types of PR are in high demand.”
Two trending themes wove through our conference: social media and the move toward integrated marketing communications. Most of the agency principals I spoke with identified one of these two trends as being the most significant in their market.
After three days of meeting with some of the smartest PR minds around the globe, I am reminded once again that the world truly is flat.

(L-R) Patricia Perez (PRGN President, VPE PR Los Angeles), Rajesh Gurram (Perfect Communications, India), Maria Mordvinova and Vladimir Pletuykhin (Cros Communications)
(L-R) Patricia Perez (PRGN President, VPE PR Los Angeles), Rajesh Gurram (Perfect Communications, India), Maria Mordvinova and Vladimir Pletuykhin (Cros Communications, Moscow)

5 thoughts on “PR Without Borders

  1. David —
    Thanks for inviting me to be your guest blogger today. OurPRGN meeting in Mexico also reminded me of another great truth about our Network and about PR, in general — nothing can take the place of face-to-face interaction. I’m forever thankful that we have technology that keeps us connected. But it’s also technology that keeps our connections vibrant until we can see one another in person. Thanks for making it such a terrific meeting. PRGN is lucky to have Landis PR as a member!

  2. Hi Anne,
    I have to agree with you- the world is truly a “smaller” place than we know. After traveling the globe (I have not made it to Russia-yet) it is shocking to see how such different cultures have such similar things in common. For PRGN to be able to come together, bringing with them the vast knowledge and understanding of what PR entails, despite differences in geography and language, is truly remarkable. The best part is: any company working with a member of PRGN will not only have that organization’s expertise, they will have the support of 39 global organizations as well! It is mind-blowing to say the least.

  3. Anne, lovely post! Sounds like you had a great time in Mexico. Hope to see you around these parts again soon! –Jordana

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