Millenial musings and more . . .


Hey there – Marsha Robertson (LCI’s senior counselor) here with the word of the day.


It’s ‘Millennials’.


First of all, I’m crazy about you. In fact, I like you better than Gen X.  I like the playlists on your iPods.  I like your skinny jeans and strappy sandals.  Occasionally, I admire your tattoos.


But I want you to understand why my jaw clenched last week when I read a job posting from an east coast PR agency. Seems the firm is looking for PR account managers to work in their “hip new crib” with  perks that include “Sam Adams on tap,” an office culture that “rocks the house” and “Bring Your Parents to Work Day.” 


Maybe it’s just me, Millennials, but I think it’s time for you to cut the cord. Kiss your parents good-bye and see them on the weekends.  Leave the neon beer signs and the kegs at your fraternity. I want to you to think before you speak¸ read voraciously and know more about search engine optimization than I do.  I want you to live long and prosper.


So ask lots of questions. Consume media – in all its online and offline forms.  Never leave the office before your boss.  Hold the elevator. Tell a good joke. Wash your own dishes in the office kitchen, even if it has old linoleum and will never “rock the house.”  And please remember that flipflops are not shoes.


Here are some of my decidedly “non-Millenial” SF hangouts:


  • Café Majestic:  just up the street from LCI, a quiet and cozy hangout for a drink after work.  Don’t miss their butterfly collection – and their happy hour specials.


  • Clay Theatre:  a neighborhood cinematic gem, showing the best of the indy and foreign films, including the current “Coco Before Chanel.”


  • A walk through SF’s Presidio:  experience a former fort turned national park firsthand – with or without your dog.  Be sure to catch the unparalleled views.






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  1. Good business practices, which include being a good employee, don’t change all that much from generation to generation. Hopefully Millenials will take this solid advice to heart. Working at a self-proclaimed “cool” company doesn’t impact the need to execute great work every day.

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