Meet the Media – Tessa Love, San Francisco Business Times

Meet the Media – Tessa Love, Reporter at San Francisco Business Times
What’s your top priority at work for today?
Getting my daily article(s) filed by my 2:30 p.m. deadline! If you call me any time after 1:45 p.m., you’ll probably hear a pretty frazzled “Hello?!”
Tell us about your dream assignment.
I love to travel and I love to write about people who are passionate about what they’re doing. So a dream assignment would be to travel the world/country/state/region and find those characters starting interesting businesses, building fascinating art installations, playing an unusual instrument or generally following their bliss.
Describe one of the wackiest proposals/ideas you’ve been sent.
We always get some pretty fantastic ideas around that famous SF holiday, 4/20. Just imagine the possibilities…
What is your PR/marketing pet peeve?
It’s certainly a bummer when you’re promised an exclusive story or interview, only to find out it’s been handed out to another publication. But for the most part, I really enjoy working with PR people! We’re all on the same team and I think most of us feel the camaraderie.
What’s a top industry trend you’re currently following or are interested in?
I’m very interested in the recent boom of ‘fast casual’ restaurants in San Francisco. Fast casual – also known as ‘polished casual’ or ‘fine casual’ – pairs a low-key atmosphere with high-quality food. Service is generally minimal but the food is fantastic, and less expensive. This is definitely a consumer-driven trend – more people want access to high-quality food without the caveat of “going out” – but it’s also cost-driven. As costs get more expensive for restaurants in the City, it makes sense to cut back where they can without sacrificing quality and vision.
Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in rural Northern California. I’ve been scribbling stories since I can remember and always wanted to be a writer (except for a short stint when I dreamed of being a horse trainer). I resisted the dream for a long time (after all, how can you survive as a writer?!), but eventually I made the decision to go to Mills College for creative writing and journalism. And here I am today! In my free time, I love to travel, eat, drink and hang out with my two-year-old cattle dog, Mabel Mae.
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5 thoughts on “Meet the Media – Tessa Love, San Francisco Business Times

  1. Tessa, thanks so much for the blog. Did I tell you that Mills College is a former client of ours? And since you’re interested in fast casual, as you know we worked with the Lyfe Kitchen chain of restaurants, helping them open in Cupertino. Keep up the good work – and keep travelling! Cheers, David

  2. Tessa, loved your Meet the Media blog. I can tell you are also following your bliss, like you mentioned in your dream assignment – your personality really comes through. And it’s so nice to hear that you like working with PR people. It’s helpful to remember that, like you said, we’re all on the same team. Cheers to following our bliss!

  3. Tessa thank you for the blog post. I am picturing some of fantastic pitches you get for 4/20… one of the perks of being a reporter in the Bay Area.
    I hope you are able to achieve your dream assignment of traveling and covering people who are passionate about what they are doing — no matter how wacky !

  4. Tessa is a Love! And, a Mills alum. Great reading about you in the LCI blog, Tessa. I’m sure great things are in store for you.

  5. Tessa, thanks for your post. I think the fast casual food trend is very interesting and that more and more restaurants have a least a few outdoor places to sit – a huge step forward in making our city both more sidewalk-friendly (more eyes on what’s happening outside) and dog-friendly!

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