Meet the Media – Reggie Aqui, ABC7 News Anchor

Meet the Media – Reggie Aqui, ABC7 News Anchor
What’s your top story for today?  
I don’t think there’s a (consistently) bigger story right now than what’s going on politically. As I write this (early May), Hillary Clinton is in Oakland and San Francisco campaigning and also raising money for that campaign with the biggest names in Hollywood. Donald Trump was here last week giving a keynote address at the state Republican convention (where he climbed over a highway barricade to avoid protesters and used it to make a reference to crossing the border). Every day of this, there’s a new headline that seems straight out of House of Cards (or even The Onion).  It’s fascinating. And important.  And weird. In other words, perfect for journalists.
Tell us about your dream assignment. 
I love behind-the-scenes stories and I think our viewers do too. I happen to be absurdly interested in Disney theme parks so it would be an inside look at Imagineering where they show me what’s behind the closed doors and give me unprecedented access to their newest creations. It will never happen because they are (rightfully) so secretive. But you said dream, right?
Describe the wackiest story you’ve written.
In my very first market (Green Bay, Wisconsin, WLUK-TV) I did a story about a turkey that shot a hunter. Yes, you read that right. The hunter somehow dropped his rifle and the turkey ran over it and the gun went off shooting the man—at least that’s what I remember. It’s been years so the details are escaping me. He was fine. I was never the same, however.
What is your PR pet peeve?  
It annoys me when a PR person pitches a story and then doesn’t have any of the needed elements for TV lined up. For example, the person attached to the story doesn’t want to go on camera. Or, the visuals associated aren’t available. I think it would benefit PR professionals greatly to grab coffee with a reporter or producer and get them to describe the process so the next pitch is backed up with the elements ready to roll. It would help all of us!
Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in. 
Housing issues in the Bay Area are huge. Every one of us, in one way or another, is affected by that story.
Tell us a little about yourself. 
I’m taller in person (6’4), sleep deprived (get to work at 3 in the morning) and obsessed with my dog Woodstock. In that order.
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7 thoughts on “Meet the Media – Reggie Aqui, ABC7 News Anchor

  1. Turkey that shot a hunter – classic! Thanks for sharing, Reggie – and I share your pet peeve about visuals being lined up for TV – and I’ll be sharing your post with clients who forget that being on camera is a requirement of being a spokesperson.

  2. Reggie, thanks for the blog post. Let’s hope you’re not covering the Disney Theme Parks this week, what a tragic incident. And glad you’re a dog lover. Our dogs, Gaston & Alphonse (SPCA rescues) approve! All the best, David

  3. Reggie – many thanks for contributing to our Landis blog. Yours was such a fun read! We should grab coffee sometime – but not at 3 a.m. 🙂 Would love to learn more about the types of stories you’re looking to cover.

  4. Thanks for sharing Reggie! It really must be the most bizarre political race to have been covered for such a long time, and I’m sure it will keep throwing up more and more headlines. I look forward to hearing your take on upcoming events!

  5. Hi Reggie, thanks for contributing to Backtalk this week as I’m a personal fan of your anchoring endeavors. I “know” some people at Disneyland should you ever need a hand at backstage access 🙂

  6. Reggie, thank you for posting.
    I’ll keep this quote in mind for future pitching: “It’s fascinating. And important. And weird. In other words, perfect for journalists.”

  7. Thanks for sharing, Reggie. I tune in every morning before work and really enjoy your and Natasha’s fresh approach of delivering the news. Also, definitely agree with how it’s important for PR professionals to meet up with reporters and producers. You might be getting a coffee invite from me soon.

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