Meet the Media: Nikki Medoro

Nikki Medoro is the co-host of the afternoon drive show on KGO radio with Chip Franklin, where they discuss the top stories of the day. We asked Nikki about her work and what else interests her.

What’s your top priority at work for today?

While I would fully enjoy a day without a Trump headline, today (May 10th, 2018) is not that day. So, I must stay up-to-date on the latest regarding the North Korea summit and the Vice President’s call to end the Mueller investigation. Politics continue to dominate the news, but the afternoon drive show I co-host with Chip Franklin is not solely a political show. We will discuss everything from the volcano eruption in Hawaii to the Boy Scouts letting girls join. It is my job to read all kinds of news sites so I can be ready to give my two-cents on-air.

Tell us about your dream assignment.

My dream assignment would be anything “thrill” related. When I was a reporter in Sacramento, I was the only one who volunteered to fly with the Blue Angels! I couldn’t believe anyone would pass up that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It is a memory that I will never forget. I love roller coasters and was also assigned to try out the new rides at amusement parks. And I would jump at jumping out of a plane, since I’ve already done it three times!

Describe one of the wackiest proposals/ideas you’ve been sent.

I was assigned to find the weirdest food at the California State Fair. I was live on-air trying to swallow alligator meat. It didn’t end well.

What is your PR/marketing pet peeve? 

Sorry PR folks, but please don’t call me. I seriously don’t have time to listen to a pitch. Send me an email with a really good headline and then a follow-up email. If you don’t hear from me, that’s your answer. My day consists of doing two-minute news updates for a couple of hours before co-hosting a four-hour talk show, so marketers need to present their story as a good “talker”. It needs to be something that Chip and I can discuss and debate. There needs to be a hook.

What’s a top industry trend you’re currently following or are interested in?

The diverse number of podcasts being produced right now really excites me. You may think someone on terrestrial radio would be against podcasting, but I love that there is basically a podcast for almost any topic or interest. Although as an audiophile, I do think the QUALITY of the podcasts is lacking. I produced and hosted my own podcast called The Commute Podcast, so I know how much time it takes to make it sound good. Many people just crack open a microphone and start talking. That’s fine and dandy, but I get so distracted if there is an echo or bad mixing. It IS an art! And of course, the Chip Franklin show is put into a podcast, so our KGO fans who cannot listen live can still catch it when they have time. That is best thing about podcasts!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a born and raised Northern California girl, happily married with two kids. I am a HUGE 49ers fan and have a wicked sense of humor. When I have nothing to do (which is rare), I could watch movies all day. My first radio gig was in college when I hosted a reggae music show.

I LOVE interacting online with listeners. They can reach me by going to my “Nikki Medoro-KGO Radio” Facebook page or on Twitter @nikkimedoro.

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7 thoughts on “Meet the Media: Nikki Medoro

  1. Nikki – you and I have one thing in common: we’ve both jumped out of a plane (me only once, however). Glad to see you’re a thrill seeker and good advice to PR pros as well. One should never waste a journalist’s time. Thanks for your blog. Cheers, David

  2. Nikki – thanks for giving our readers insight into your hectic world. I can’t believe you were the only one to jump at a chance to fly with the Blue Angels. What an unforgettable experience! We’ll be sure to keep you in mind for future stories — especially those with a bit of thrill attached. 🙂 Thanks again. ~Ashley

  3. Nikki,
    Thanks for telling us more about you. I completely agree with you about podcasts – so much opportunity for better production values. Amazing about the Blue Angels – lucky you!

  4. Dear Ms. Medoro,
    Your comment on the air today that if the 74-year-old white man who ambushed the police in South Carolina had been black, he would’ve been dead was the saddest and most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard on the radio.
    First, you know nothing of the facts of the case. Secondly, when my fellow SFPD Sgt. Pat Tobin was climbing to stairs at 101 California to engage white shooter Gianluigi Ferri (who had just murdered 13), the last thing on his mind was the shooter’s race. If you could walk a mile in a police officer’s shoes and experience being shot at, you might learn something. The trouble is that idiots are inspired by such ignorant commentary.

  5. Thank you for writing about Nikki, I think she is the greatest, a complement to Chip, but could easily handle her own show. I really like her positions and her toughness on issues she is passionate about.
    She is fun and talented.

  6. Hi Nikki,
    I work for a terrific local doctor who makes house calls and has been treating patients wherever they live all over the Bay Area – even during the pandemic. Her name is Elizabeth Landsverk, MD and she is a geriatrician who has mainly frail, elderly patients, many with dementia. She has been a life line for them, able to have doctors care even when in isolation. I think you would enjoy talking with her, she is really amazing. She started her practice in 2006 in order to be able to better treat her patients, many of whom are very ill. It’s a very interesting practice and she has been very successful. Our website: Facebook:

  7. Why is it that no one ever mentions that Newsom and Pelosi are related through marriage and that they own a winery called PlumpJack Winery in Napa Valley and the last time Newsom shut everyone’s business down, he left his winery open. All the other wineries had to close. Nothing was ever mentioned about this and wonder if it’s closed this time. Talk about not fair to our hard working and suffering CA citizens having to accept whatever our supreme leaders decide for us. There is another CA politician, female, also related to Pelosi and Newsom. Keep these tax payer jobs in the family. Something smells about all this. CA taxpayers have the right to know this information.

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