Meet the Media – Mari Edlin, Editor of Healthcare Innovation News

Meet Mari Edlin, Editor of Healthcare Innovation News 
Mari Edlin1. What’s your story for today?
As editor of a monthly publication called Healthcare Innovation News, I am continually looking for technology—apps, devices, robots, telehealth and new ways to deliver and pay for care—the “wow” factor in meeting the healthcare needs of today’s consumers.
2. Tell us about your dream assignment?
I am always interested in exploring the healthcare systems in other parts of the world and have had the opportunity to do that in India, Bangladesh, Chile, Singapore and Vietnam. I hope that my travels will take me to other countries to study how they may or may not be solving the healthcare conundrum.
Although I have interviewed many members of Congress and government officials, I would like to interview Bill Clinton.
3. Describe the wackiest story you’ve written. 
I was invited to interview author Tom Robbins right after the publication of his book Skinny Legs and All in 1990. His press agent greeted me in the lobby of the Clift Hotel and asked me if I minded interviewing him in his hotel room because he wasn’t feeling well. That was a first for me. When I entered his room, he was stretched out on the bed, lying against pillows with his feet decked out in some wild printed socks. I noticed them before realizing there was a famous writer attached to those feet.
4. What is your pet PR peeve?
I actually have two: sending me totally irrelevant press releases and calling to pitch me a story when email could easily present the idea and give me a chance to respond if I am interested.
5. Top trend in the industry you are currently covering or are interested in.
One of the current trends in healthcare is what we call “population health.” The model focuses on improving the health and health outcomes of a population through cost-effective and tailored health solutions. Along the same line are patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations that coordinate care across the entire continuum of a person’s life.
The other important trend is healthcare technology, whether it be the use of mobile devices to improve well-being; connecting patients to their providers through electronic health records; deploying robots to deliver prescriptions; or monitoring patient care remotely.
6. Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in St. Louis, an ideal place to spend one’s childhood. I started at Brandeis University in Boston as an English major and then decided to follow my real passion—journalism—so I transferred to Stanford University. After graduation, I returned to St. Louis for many years, working for two newspapers and freelancing before anyone knew what that was, followed by two corporate communications positions. After deciding that it was time to become “Mari Edlin” and not just someone’s sister, cousin and daughter in the tight St. Louis community, I found a corporate communications position during an exploratory job hunt in San Francisco. Unfortunately, it was not my dream job, but it did get me back to the Bay Area.
I have been a freelance writer since 1988, and have specialized in healthcare for most of that time. I am well suited for freelancing hibernating in my home office (which is not to say I am asocial) and have had a variety of interesting assignments, from interviewing Fortune 100 CEOs, former U.S. Congressman Newt Gingrich, senators and authors to traveling to many different countries to investigate a story.
After years of volunteering for different non-profits, I am now a docent-in-training for the Di Rosa, an esoteric collection of art set in a beautiful natural preserve. I live in Sonoma with my significant other, Jerry, and our cockapoo Arlo.
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  1. Mari – thanks for the post. You forgot to mention that we met while you were the editor of Where Magazine in St. Louis. In the spirit of your travels, I am sending you this comment while on vacation in Lisbon. Cheers, David

  2. Mari, thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights! I too am interested in health care technologies in the developing world. I look forward to hearing about more innovations there.

  3. Thanks for your post, Mari. Healthcare is rapidly changing each and every day, so I have no doubt you have limitless topics to write about. I like that you’ve mentioned the specific types of content you’re looking to cover and your explanation of “population health”. I believe cost-effective solutions to major health problems will continue to drive headlines moving forward.

  4. It will be very interesting to see the where the trends of accountable care and electronic health records take the healthcare industry in the near and distant future. Thank you for your post, Mari.

  5. Thanks for the insightful post, Mari! It’s interesting to see how healthcare and patient outcomes advance as technology progresses.

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