Meet the Media – Lady Ray, On-Air Personality and Community Engagement Director at 106 KMEL FM

Meet Lady Ray, On-Air Personality and Community Engagement Director at 106 KMEL FM  
kmel_ladyray_photo_3What’s your top story for today? 
The big story today is the interview that Darren Wilson recently did, which included his description of what went down at the scene where he shot Michael Brown. I also covered the lack of donations for Thanksgiving and the need for over 3000 turkeys for the Sacred Heart Community Service Turkey Drive.
Tell us about your dream assignment. 
My dream assignment would be to cover the Grammy’s from Hawaii.
Describe the wackiest story you’ve written or covered on air.
The wackiest story I’ve covered would have to be a story I did back in college. There was a couple engaged in adult activities in a field, and they were actually trampled by a tractor while in the act!
What is your PR pet peeve? 
I would have to say my PR pet peeve is when a publicist says we can’t ask an artist/celebrity certain questions – especially when it’s a juicy and timely topic.
Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in.
A trend that I’m always interested in is fashion. It is an ever-changing industry and it’s exciting to see how past trends are re-purposed and find their way back into what’s hot and fresh.
Tell us a little about yourself. 
I’m Bay Area born and raised and I started my radio career in college, covering national and international news on KALX, UC Berkeley’s college radio station. I made the transition to commercial radio through an internship and have been working hard to meet my goals at iHeart Media since 2003. I produced a successful morning show for 5 years and have been an on-air Morning Show co-host for about 10 years. In addition to my on-air responsibilities, I also act as the Community Engagement Director and I oversee Community Engagement for our (7) radio stations. This role gives me the opportunity to work closely with our local non-profits by providing them media support, all the while helping to uplift our communities. I am thankful to have a successful career in the media business which has allowed me to travel, meet many awesome people, and even interview some of my mentors and celebrity heroes. Every day that I’m blessed to work in this arena, I strive to entertain, inform and give back!
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5 thoughts on “Meet the Media – Lady Ray, On-Air Personality and Community Engagement Director at 106 KMEL FM

  1. Lady Ray – thanks for the contribution. And we happen to have a client in Hawaii, so you never know when you might just have to take a trip there! Cheers, David

  2. Hi Lady Ray,
    Thanks so much for contributing to our blog. I enjoyed learning more about your career and background!
    – Elena

  3. Thanks for your work in the entertainment arena and giving back to those under served and under represented. Thanks for the post, too!

  4. Thank you for featuring me in your blog and thank you all for the love! David, you just let me know when your client is ready, oh and Douglas, not to worry your name is already down for my plus one! Keep up the great work and let the countdown begin towards even bigger accomplishments and the strengthening of our partnership to better our communities in 2015! -RAY

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