Meet the Media – Kathleen Bershad, Owner and Blogger at Fine Wine Concierge

Meet the Media – Kathleen Bershad, Owner and Blogger at Fine Wine Concierge
What’s your top story for today?
Today’s top story happened to be my 2015 gift guide for the holidays…but someone sent me products for a Valentine’s Day gift guide, so I need to get cracking!
Tell us about your dream assignment.
I kind of have it already – getting to write about the things that interest me about wine and the wine business.  But if someone would provide an all-expenses paid gig to fly around the world to visit and write about wineries, that would be pretty sweet!
Describe the wackiest story you’ve written.
I’m not sure I have one – most of what I write is very straightforward! One of the craziest experiences was in the barrel room at a winery in Australia’s Yarra Valley. The winemaker had a pipette and took me from barrel to barrel, tasting the different components and trying to picture in my mind how they would taste once blended together. It was a fascinating education into how a winemaker creates the final product!
What is your PR pet peeve?
As a former PR pro, I don’t have one.  It’s a hard job!
Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in.
I often look at things from the consumer perspective. For wine aficionados, the new “trophy wines” are private labels: a collector persuading a winemaker to set aside, say, 25 cases that then get a special name & label from the collector, who buys some of the cases and sells the rest among his or her friends.  That’s the ultimate trophy these days.
But taking a broader view, consumers are really becoming more educated and adventurous about wine.  Instead of reaching for the California chardonnay or Bordeaux they usually drink, people are reaching beyond their comfort zone and trying wines from less “popular” countries like Spain and Portugal, or exploring grapes like riesling or zinfandel.
Tell us a little about yourself.
I spent 10 years as a PR professional working in technology and economic development. During this time, I was a food writer and restaurant critic as a hobby. I had the idea to transition to food PR, but discovered wine along the way and got completely sidetracked!
Since then, I have developed a business that includes writing, teaching and working with private clients to fill and organize their wine cellars. Ironically, I am just finishing a wine cellar in my house, a dream 10 years in the making! I share it with my cabernet-loving husband and two kids, who are too young to drink and think wine is yucky anyway.
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6 thoughts on “Meet the Media – Kathleen Bershad, Owner and Blogger at Fine Wine Concierge

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Kathleen. I’m so glad you’ve found a niche that allows you to pursue your passion and gives you a chance to sip some tasty spirits. I agree that consumers are becoming more educated about the wines they are buying. It becomes more fun to sample and purchase wines when you understand the science behind it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Kathleen. It’s fantastic being able to work in an industry that you are so passionate about – cheers to that!

  3. Kathleen, you have inspired me to explore more wines! Your job sounds amazing and it resonates through your writing.

  4. Kathleen – glad to see you made the transition from PR to journalism successfully. As a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast myself, I love following your writing. I agree: it’s always fun to try something new (I especially like the Portuguese wines) rather than just sticking with the tried and true. Thanks so much for contributing to our blog. Cheers, David

  5. Kathleen, I loved reading your blog! I used to work in wine PR and have had the same experience tasting components of barrels from a wine thief – very cool indeed. It was always so fascinating to walk the vineyards with the winemakers and learn all that goes into making a great bottle of wine. How lucky that you were able to create a second career out of a life passion! Thanks so much for contributing to our LCI blog.

  6. Thank you all for the love! It’s an honor to be included in Meet the Media. Thank you so much for including me in it! Cheers!

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