Meet the Media – Carolyn Said, Business Reporter at San Francisco Chronicle

CS headshot greens 2014Meet the Media – Carolyn Said, Business Reporter at San Francisco Chronicle
What’s your top story for today?
Analyzing why Uber and Lyft pulled out of Austin, Texas, over regulations requiring drivers to submit to fingerprint background checks. It’s part of their long game, a political strategy that generally has resulted in regulators backing down.
Tell us about your dream assignment.
Anything where I can go behind the scenes to witness how people live, work, play – especially when it has larger resonance, whether economic or social.
Describe the wackiest – or strangest – story you’ve written.
The Airbnb squatters! Two brothers, who rented a woman’s Palm Springs condo for 30 days via Airbnb, then cancelled their credit card and refused to leave. Under California law, they had some tenancy rights. Strange twists kept emerging, such as an alleged Kickstarter scam. The story went viral with major media attention ranging from network news to Jimmy Fallon’s monologue – and just this month (almost two years later) an Airbnb squatter became a plot twist on HBO’s “Silicon Valley.”
What is your PR pet peeve?
Folks who call and say, “Did you get my email?”
Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or in which you are interested.
The rise of the “gig economy” has spawned many more workers who lack the basic social-safety nets of regular employment. The country is wrestling with how to support these workers while not hurting the platforms that help them make money.
Tell us a little about yourself that others may not know.
I type 120 wpm; I can transcribe most of my interviews in real time.
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6 thoughts on “Meet the Media – Carolyn Said, Business Reporter at San Francisco Chronicle

  1. Carolyn – thanks so much for contributing to our blog. I love that we met on Twitter, which led to a subsequent in-person meeting. I couldn’t agree with you more about the gig economy. Being a lifelong progressive as well as a business owner, I understand both sides of the issues – but in the end, I believe workers should have fair employment rights. It’s always better for business. PS, I think you and I might have a dual to see who can type faster – my piano degree has served me well! Cheers, David

  2. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. It must be both interesting and gratifying to really have the chance to dig into a story and look at the larger impact socially, culturally, economically etc. Thank you for giving us a peek inside your world!

  3. Carolyn – my mom was in town this weekend and read your article on Airbnb…you helped educate her about the process, since she knows very little about the topic. Thanks so much for contributing to our blog!

  4. Thanks for the insightful blog post, Carolyn. Being a SF native and a life-long Chronicle reader, I have always enjoyed reading you articles. It’s also been great working with you in the past!

  5. This is fantastic! Thanks for the inside scoop, Carolyn.
    Kudos to the LCI Team for building such great relationships with the media. They are such pros!

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