Meet the Media

Meet Grant Marek, San Francisco Editor at Thrillist.


Tell us about your dream assignment.


Anything even close to as cool as this dancing pony.


Describe the wackiest interview you’ve ever done.


Recently I wrote up SF-based Jellyfish Art, which sells honest-to-God pet jellyfish online out of a garage in a boarded-up church in the Mission. The jellies are imported from all over the world (Japan, Sri Lanka, Caribbean), and the dude behind it all also makes custom 8- and 40-gallon tanks to house them.


What is your PR pet peeve?


People who’ve never read or even skimmed the publication they’re pitching (especially because you can subscribe to Thrillist, for free, right here). I’m constantly getting pitches for be-jeweled ballerina shoes, which I’m sure are awesome, just not something they’d ever let me we’d ever want to write about. If it’s not manly, awesome, or both just really think about whether it’s actually worth sending.


Tell us a little about yourself.


I really like Indiana Jones. And underground brewing laboratories that give away beer for free. And trampoline parks in the Presidio.


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Be sure to check back next time for the inside scoop on Taryn Huhn, editor of San Diego Entertainer.


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  1. Grant – who wouldn’t like beer for free? 🙂 I’ve been subscribing to Thrillist since just about the beginning and am a big fan. Keep up the good work! Cheers, David

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