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Meet Deborah Grossman, food and wine journalist whose work has appeared in publications such as Decanter, Wine Enthusiast, San Francisco Chronicle, Wines and Vines, Napa Sonoma and more.

What’s your top story for today? deborah-grossman-head-shot-1-cropped

The back story on fabulous food, wine and cocktails that diners may not know.


Tell us about your dream assignment.


A gastronomic tour of each continent to discover under-appreciated, artisanal food and beverage.


Describe the wackiest story you’ve written.


I met a celebrity chef and in talking with him for a few moments, found an intriguing story angle. I got an assignment based on this brief encounter. But when I asked for an interview, I discovered he was on summer vacation and incognito for several months—and the deadline was looming. The whole story was woven around what everyone else said on the topic.


What is your PR pet peeve?


When the PR staff is not forthcoming and transparent on the details of the agenda or itinerary and puts their needs ahead of their guests.


Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in.


Authenticity versus innovation.               


Tell us a little about yourself.


I’m a person who finishes one meal and thinks about the next one. No surprise that after switching from a corporate career to independent journalist, I gravitated to writing about food, wine, cocktails and travel. My secret for happiness? Share time at the table with good friends and family to ponder the universe. 


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  1. Deborah: Many thanks for contributing. As an amateur foodie myself, here are some of my favorite SF restaurants: Terzo, Boulevard, Balboa Cafe, SPQR, Delfina and Izzy’s. Here’s to many great meals! Cheers, David

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