Meet the Media – Nicole Grant at The Bold Italic

Meet Nicole Grant, a producer at The Bold Italic is the place Bold Locals write about their experiences behind-the-scenes with San Francisco’s makers, merchants, foodies, techies, and quintessential characters, and encourage you to follow in their footsteps.
1.       What’s your top story for today?
Our top story recently was a great cultural commentary piece about living in San Francisco, penned by Broke-Ass Stuart and illustrated by Wendy MacNaughton. “Living in San Francisco means…” There was a lot of truth to the story, and it brought so much traffic to our site that it broke.
2.       Tell us about your dream assignment.
My dream assignment would combine writing, photography, and travel. I’ve been to Libya, China, Russia, the Middle East, and so on as a tour guide, but never as a documenter of cultural movements. I think I would be just as happy exploring the states though. There are so many amazing collaborations going on in our own backyard between artists, epicureans, makers, and the like.
3.       Describe the wackiest story you’ve written.
The wackiest story I’ve written was about shadowing a group of pick-up artists as they made their way around the San Francisco bars. They have some pretty controversial techniques, such as the Push Pull, where they give a compliment, and then take it away. Like “Wow, you’re awesome… sort of.” “You seem cool… but maybe you’re just weird.” “You know what I love about you… nothing, yet.” I found it fascinating that the men in the group had each paid $1,500 to learn how to approach women in this way.
4.       What is your PR pet peeve?
I can handle the emails – keep ’em coming! But over-emailing can be burdensome. I appreciate it when people remember my inbox is really full and are careful to only pitch once, and thoughtfully. 
5.       Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in.
I’m interested in anything on the vanguard of the cultural scene in San Francisco. Whether a mash-up, pop-up, underground supper club, installation, or boundary-breaking collaboration, I’d love to hear about it, and The Bold Italic’s readers would too. Local small merchants are getting really creative these days. It’s fun to be able to support them and get the word out about their stunts to an audience that loves to go out.
6.       Tell us a little about yourself.
Nicole Grant joined up with The Bold Italic as its founding employee during its inception at IDEO in 2009. She considers herself to be a curator – collecting, preserving, and championing the stories of locals through many channels. One of the original Bold Locals, she was previously the SF Community Manager at Yelp and cut her chops hosting salons, panel discussions, and celebrity speakers at The Commonwealth Club. She can often be found with a Nikon ’round her neck.

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