Meet our Public Relations Global Network Partners – The Fearey Group, PRGN Agency in Seattle, Wash.

Meet The Fearey Group, our PRGN agency affiliate in Seattle, Wash.
By Aaron Blank, The Fearey Group’s President/CEO
1. Please tell us about your firm, your role and what makes your agency unique.
Fearey blogWhen your company’s name is The Fearey Group, you get used to the misspellings, misgivings and endless puns. So we developed thick skin and the courage to just go on about our business years ago. But our fearlessness runs well beyond our name. It’s a part of our culture that draws us to the bold, the unusual, the audacious. Sometimes those ideas crash and burn. But more often than not, they stand out, surprise and bring results beyond what anyone expected.
If you want thinking that’s solid, safe and predictable, we’re sorry. We can’t help you. On the other hand, if you’re up for some ideas that take a little moxie but can repay your courage many times over, you’ve come to the right place indeed.
The Fearey Group was founded as an independent PR agency in Seattle in 1981. And we still are. We plan to be here for at least 30 more years. As for the team, we’re either 20 pros headquartered in Seattle or 1,000 in our partner agencies throughout the world.
Our sweet spot is not just the healthcare industry, but specifically the healthcare delivery sector.
2. What is the market for PR like in your city?
It’s constantly changing and evolving. It’s a great time for Seattle – our job market is strong and innovation is pushing our region to lead in new areas like the life sciences. That said, there’s still a strong tech presence thanks to Microsoft, Amazon and the San Francisco companies who are opening offices here.fearey jpeg
3. What was one of the best/most creative PR ideas you heard about this week?
Well, it has to with the way the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship game last week. Yes, luck had to do with it, but there’s no better way to gain the national spotlight. Come back and win a game after being down by so many points with four minutes to go! That is creative.
4. Tell us about an upcoming PR campaign that excites you.
We’re going to live stream a surgery to build awareness for an unknown disease while engaging that patient population.
5. What is one of your most memorable PR campaigns?
The most memorable are the ones that offer an experience. We’ve done both ‘Brain Surgeon for a Day’ and ‘Heart Surgeon for a Day’ where we brought in people from the public to experience what it’s like to be a surgeon for a day. From practicing sutures to using the da Vinci surgical robot, it was quite a memorable experience for all involved.
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  1. Thanks for the great post, Aaron! The Fearey Group has been a pleasure to work with during our several shared projects.

  2. To the LCI team: Thank you for profiling us! We love our partnership with you, and the creativity your team brings to the table. Cheers to much more collaboration in the future.

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