LCI Turns 30 / “3 for 30” video series: Peter Pastreich, SF Symphony

LCI’s 30th anniversary celebration (#LCI30) marches on this week as David Landis interviews Peter Pastreich. Peter and David met – and worked together – many years ago at the San Francisco Symphony.  This is the third of three installments, so please enjoy their conversation as they reminisce about days gone by.

6 thoughts on “LCI Turns 30 / “3 for 30” video series: Peter Pastreich, SF Symphony

  1. Thanks, Peter, for this great interview. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be in San Francisco. You took a chance on a green 23-year-old and hired me to be the PR Director to help the San Francisco Symphony open its first home, Davies Symphony Hall, in 1980. Thank you. Cheers, David

  2. Thank you, Peter, “Public relations is helping to figure out in the first place what we should be doing, and then making the world aware of it.” Great quote!

  3. SUCH impressive Symphony promotors! We’re All sor fortunate they did SUCH extraordinary programs !!
    Here’s to a wonderful future for such a Fabulous orchestra!

  4. David and Peter

    What a marvelous interview and what memories it invoked about SFS, the braintrust Peter gathered, and the opening of Davies Symphony Hall. I still remember the staff meeting when Peter announced those three goals. What a privilege it was to work with you both. Hearty congratulations to Landis Communications @ 30 and all you have accomplished at the firm.

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