LCI Blog: Working From the Same Timeline: the New Face of the Facebook Page

By Erin Hunt Moore, Senior Counselor at Landis Communications, Inc
As I type this, Facebook is officially shifting all business pages to the Timeline format. Think of it as a spring social media renewal. Or not, depending how you feel about it. Reviews are mixed.  Although March 30 was the final date for the switch, some 8 million companies have already adopted the new look, including our team here at Landis Communications, Inc. And we like it! Of course, as PR pros, we are generally early adopters of new communications trends and tools. Many of us began the shift to Timeline in our personal pages out of the gate – enabling us to familiarize ourselves with the features and offerings that would be useful to our clients.
So what is the consensus to date? From a communications standpoint, we’re excited.  So much of what we do as communicators revolves around sharing the stories and experiences of our clients, and describing what sets them apart in a crowded marketplace. In this digital age, visuals are a powerful- and necessary- medium to use in conveying those stories in an impactful way. With Timeline, companies can communicate a breadth of information – from history and background to core values and key milestones – in one compelling snapshot based on an easy-to-use template format. The features of Timeline also enable companies to engage with new and existing customers, constituents and fans in more effective and targeted ways.
The jury may still be out on the new format as users experiment with what works best for their business.  As you or your clients test it out, here is LCI’s Facebook page in full Timeline swing. Perhaps our page will offer inspiration and best practices on how Facebook Timeline can amplify your message.
How are you or your clients adapting to the Timeline shift? Email me at [email protected] and don’t forget to comment below.
Happy Facebooking!
Landis Communications, Inc.

2 thoughts on “LCI Blog: Working From the Same Timeline: the New Face of the Facebook Page

  1. Erin. Good thoughts. One of the things that I like best about the new Facebook Timeline for businesses is that it’s easier now to have brand consistency. LCI’s Facebook page now visually matches our website, making for a seamless brand experience across different platforms. Cheers, David

  2. Erin, thanks for sharing. I think the timeline feature will be a better way for brands to tell their unique stories and better engage directly with consumers. I love what brands like Coca Cola and DailyCandy have done. -Jordana

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