LCI Blog: Tout a l'heure, LCI

By Jordana Heinke, Account Executive at LCI
Today is my last day at LCI. It’s bittersweet for me after three jam-packed years, two promotions, 10.5 scribble-filled notepads, hundreds of media placements and a dozen amazing people I can now call my good friends.
So, what can I share after three years in the fast-paced PR world? Well, here it goes:
1) The media: whenever possible, get on the phone or go out to lunch with a reporter. They’ll become your best friends and greatest allies.
2) Clients: saying ‘yes’ to everything isn’t always practical. So when it’s time to say ‘no’ to a demanding client, do it positively and professionally.
3) Coworkers: everybody’s style is different. If you don’t groove with someone at first, don’t write them off. Everyone has something valuable to share. Make it your goal to find out what that is!
4) The boss: the tougher your boss is on you, the more he or she believes you can do it. And if your boss is anything like David Landis, be sure to get restaurant recommendations from him!
5) The space: keep your workspace tidy, your email inbox clear and your files in order. Add a personal touch to your workspace and you’ll take a little more pride in the job you do.
Agency life means rolling up your sleeves and being a team player. We thrive on deadlines. Agency life means saying “yes and” instead of “yes but” (thanks Darcy!). Make a point to learn from your supervisors and your subordinates. Always, always say thank you and keep the door open when you leave. You never know what the future might bring.
Thank you for all the great memories, LCI. And don’t worry, it’s not goodbye, it’s tout a l’heure!
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  1. Jordana: thank you for 3 fun-filled years. We’ll miss you, but the door is always open here for you to return. Good luck at Paxti’s! Cheers, David

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