LCI Blog: Three Great Instagram Campaigns

By Tarah Beaven, LCI Senior Account Executive

Did you know 40 percent of people respond better to visual information than to text alone? So it’s no surprise that many brands are flocking to Instagram to promote targeted campaigns and enhance user engagement.  A photo can literally be worth a million fans on Instagram, which has more than 100 million users. To excite your fans, consider creative ways to incorporate visuals that are authentic to your brand.

Here are three creative brand campaigns on Instagram:

Purina One
Brands can piggyback on social media phenomena (or create one) by plugging into current trends. Theron Humphrey, a professional photographer, kicked off a yearlong story-telling documentary, Why We Rescue, highlighting how pets transform people’s lives.
The initiative is designed to increase pet-rescue awareness and is sponsored by Purina One.
Fans share pet rescue stories and photos of their dogs with the hashtag #WhyWeRescue. Humphrey features one story in each state on Instagram and a website. Fans can follow his travels and attend Insta-meet-ups to meet Humphrey and share rescue stories in-person.

Red Bull
Contests are a great way to engage users and target specific demographics. Red Bull hosted an Instagram contest to win tickets to the “King of the Rock Finals” basketball tournament in San Francisco. To enter, followers posted photos of themselves holding a basketball in unexpected, surprising locations. The contest excited basketball fans and expanded Red Bull’s audience reach.

Tiffany & Co.
People often share more intimate photos of their day-to-day lives on Instagram than other social sites. For brands that evoke a specific emotion, such as romance or silliness, it’s an opportunity for consumer’s to interact with brands with photos they have posted elsewhere. For example, in 2012, Tiffany’s tapped into the personal lives of their fans by offering custom “Tiffany Blue filters” to be used with the hashtag  #TrueLovePictures for a deeper brand experience.

Which Instagram campaigns have caught your eye?
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