LCI Blog: The new meaning of MOM

Donna Berry Glass, Senior Counselor (and new mom), here.
 In the recent film “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” starring one of my all-time favorite actors Sarah Jessica Parker, the heroine struggles to “do it all.”  High-powered career, full time mother, devoted wife. All while driving herself nearly crazy and posing the question of whether women can really do it all successfully.
 Some mothers can, some choose not to (and I support them). But apparently most of us at least try.  According to the American Association of Pediatrics, working mothers are now the rule, not the exception, with more than half of mothers of young children working (compared to one-third of mothers in the 1970s). 
 I am lucky because I get to have the best of both worlds.  As I return to LCI this week following my maternity leave, I’m grateful that the agency was able to accommodate my request to shift gears a bit, allowing me to stay at home more with my new baby boy.  In my new part-time arrangement, I get to be in the office two days a week for highly focused productivity and much needed adult interaction.  It’s a new arrangement for LCI and me, and I am committed to making it work beautifully.  I look forward to seeing my colleagues each week and to making my contributions to the agency – whether in the office or from home with my baby on my lap.  On my second day back, I was able to secure a meeting with a top-tier newspaper for a client. The quick accomplishment gave me the reinforcement that even after the life-changing event of having a baby, I’ve still got it.  And even better, I truly enjoy the work.
 While I get used to my newest title in life – Mom – I have given it my own new meaning.  Mom now stands for “Master of Multitasking,” because that’s what I am now. I’ve honed my multitasking skills for years, but they are coming into play like never before. 
 Are you a working mother in PR?   If so, I’d love to hear from you.  Write me at [email protected]

4 thoughts on “LCI Blog: The new meaning of MOM

  1. Donna, thank you for sharing. We’re so happy to have you back and yes, you’ve definitely still got it! -Jordana

  2. Donna – I’m not a working Mom, but I appreciate them – and your thoughts. Must have been all those years in PR that made you such a great multi-tasker. And thanks for lining up the LA Times on your second day for our client. Good work! Cheers, David

  3. Donna,
    Thank you for the interesting post. It reminds the next generations of working mothers that, although it might look overwhelming at times, it is possible to have it all. I will keep your tips in mind: work on my multitasking skills and flexibility!
    Thanks again, and I am glad that I finally met you.

  4. Donna, it’s great to have you back and your little one certainly has a mom he can be proud of! –Rob

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