LCI Blog: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Public Relations (PR)

By our PRGN affiliate Industrie-Contact AG in Hamburg, Germany
Many companies are wondering how to manage communication within the vast quantity of present-day target media. While there only used to be print (consumer and trade press) and electronic (TV and radio) media, the Internet’s triumph has led to an unimaginable degree of complexity.
Media websites and e-newsletters, thematic portals, forums, blogs and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have to be operated strategically. Mid-sized businesses in the capital goods industry that have no end-consumer contact feel particularly challenged and don’t know how to react to these new developments – if at all. This uncertainty is linked to a crucial question that has finally struck home in almost all companies: “What’s required for us to be ranked amongst the first hits via Google, and who can help us to be on top?”
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