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Because the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) has an extensive PR presence around the world, we are proud to introduce a bi-weekly blog, “PRGN PRose: Meet our global PR partners,” dedicated to profiling and learning about our member agencies. Let’s get global!
PRGN PRose is kicking off the blog series this week by profiling David Landis, CEO/President of LCI and President Elect of PRGN
How and when did you start Landis Communications, Inc?
I started the agency in 1990 after working at KPIX-TV, the CBS affiliate in San Francisco.  I saw that cable was re-defining the television industry and wanted to take my experience with public and community relations to a wider audience and to more industries.  I’ve always been inquisitive: I think it’s necessary to be successful at PR.  I was always interested in learning more about so many kinds of businesses and I thought if I started an agency, I could have an “insider’s” look at those myriad companies.  It worked.
What inspired you to be part of PRGN
In order to succeed in the 21st century, one must provide global expertise to clients. Through technology, we are now operating as a global economy.  I saw the writing on the wall:  if I were only going to continue to be a mid-sized PR agency serving the local San Francisco Bay Area, we wouldn’t survive.  Plus, I’ve always been interested and inspired by new ideas and the world at large. Travelling to meet my colleagues around the world twice a year isn’t bad, either!
What’s the most important aspect of doing PR in your region? 
Successful public relations in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley market means being an expert on the latest technological advances – and implementing them so they support communications goals. Otherwise you won’t remain competitive.  It’s not just about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn anymore.  We now have an employee who blogs, identifying “Sheryl’s Social Snapshot” twice a month to keep both our staffs and our clients current with what is trending now.

What are the top client requests in your region?
Social media of course. But believe it or not, also traditional consumer and B2B media.  Businesses are recognizing that in order to be successful, they have to take a more active role in how they speak to their audiences and in recognizing that audiences now speak through different channels. Peer-to-peer recommendations are paramount.
What do you see as the future role for global PR? 
Global PR is the only answer because companies will continue to serve customers worldwide due to advances in technology.  Agencies who can offer global expertise – with local market intelligence – will be the winners.  That is exactly what Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) agencies provide.
What is the wackiest experience you’ve had as a PR professional?
For the San Francisco Symphony POPS, we had a champagne cork-popping contest and got Almaden Wines to sponsor it.  We had local politicians, VIPs, journalists and society mavens compete to see who could pop the cork the furthest.  Not surprisingly, former Secretary of State George Shultz’ wife, Charlotte Shultz (who also is the Chief of Protocol for the City of San Francisco) won.
What is a client pet peeve?
Clients who don’t work with us as partners – who either don’t give us the information we need to succeed or who don’t get back to us when we need their input. And, of course, it goes without saying that one of our biggest client pet peeves is clients who don’t pay on time or according to their contract.  Chasing money is never fun. Not honoring a contract is simply unprofessional.
Questions or comments for David? Please leave a comment or send an email to [email protected].

8 thoughts on “LCI Blog – PRGN PRose: Meet our global PR partners

  1. David,
    Great blog to kick-off “PRGN PRose.” I love your “wackiest PR experience” with the champagne cork-popping contest for the Symphony – what a creative idea!

    1. Cheryl – sorry for the delayed response. I’d say we have probably 70% consumer clients and 30% B2B clients, but all of them want social media. And that’s a good thing! Cheers, David

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