LCI Blog: PR Predictions for 2013

By Hilary Burns, Account Coordinator of LCI
At the start of each year, industries of all kinds provide us with year-in-review recaps and make predictions for the upcoming twelve months. With the continuing rise of social media, content creation and citizen journalism, 2013 is bound to be dynamic in the public relations field. We asked our Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) PR partners from around the world for their 2013 predictions. Here is what they see for the year ahead:

  • Landis Communications, Inc. (San Francisco, California)
    • Visual social media will be a big priority in 2013 as the art of storytelling becomes increasingly crucial. According to All Things D, smartphone users have spent more time on Instagram than on Twitter for the first time since the photo-sharing app launched in 2010. Pictures and infographics will be key.
  • Goodwill Communications (Budapest, Hungary)
    • LinkedIn will play a much stronger role in communications. Executives have found a new elite club in LinkedIn, leaving Facebook behind
  • Currie Communications (Melbourne, Australia)
    • Generating insight will be important in 2013. In the era of “big data,” clients will need help to make sense of a mountain of information, ‘sort the chaff from the hay’ and synthesize the data that matters.
  • Industrie-Contact Public Relations (Hamburg, Germany)
    • In 2013, clients will look for agencies to help them find the right story and to carry forward the whole brand philosophy and all related communicative aspects.
  • Cometis (Wiesbaden, Germany)
    • Financial and strategic PR will continue its path of success in 2013. Due to growing global capital markets, cross-border deals will increase the complexity of PR.
  • Mileage Communications (Singapore)
    • There will be ample opportunity for PR agencies in the West to assist Chinese companies making their foray into the United States.
  • HWB Communications (Cape Town, South Africa)
    • PR companies will continue to work with traditional media, especially newspapers and radio, but there will be more focus on mobile communications.
  • HMA Public Relations (Phoenix, Arizona)
    • While social media is becoming more mainstream, there will still be a related learning curve—especially with “old-school, set-in-stone executives.”
  • SoundPR (Milan, Italy)
    • The increasing attention to “green” issues will make corporate social responsibility (CSR) more pivotal for companies in 2013. People are interested in how businesses implement their CSR programs. Social media are the perfect means for demonstrating achievements and progresses.
  • Adam Friedman Associates, LLC (New York, New York)
    • Traditional methods of PR measurement will diminish and the overriding question from clients will be: How can you demonstrate that your PR program strengthens the brand?
  • VPE Public Relations (Los Angeles, California)
    • PRGN will continue to thrive!
  • Multi Communications (Poland)
    • The revenues in PR will grow, due to the higher budgets for social media and integrated communications campaigns.
  • The Castle Group (Boston, Massachusetts)
    • Content sharing and distribution through a variety of channels – including paid – will become critical for PR as companies seek to integrate earned and paid marketing efforts.
  • Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc. (Westlake, Ohio)
    • More daily newspapers will cut down to three days per week, and yet there will be a greater demand for content in 2013.
  • Cullen Communications (Ireland)
    • As their own resources become ever tighter, media houses will depend more and more on agencies, and collaborations between the two will multiply. This is of course an opportunity for the PR industry, but especially for those agencies who have earned a reputation among editors and journalists for quality, insightful and trustworthy content.
  • The Fearey Group (Seattle, Washington)
    • PR agencies will create more customized solutions in 2013. For example, we will now start providing executives and clients with LinkedIn profile management programs
  • Evident PR (Amersfoort, Netherlands)
    • Now more than ever we’ll start to see the importance of organizations becoming more “human” through social interactions and great content. Companies will develop a personality through storytelling. This will give companies a face beside the logo(s) and the trust between companies and consumers will grow.

What are your PR predictions for 2013? Please send me an email at [email protected].

13 thoughts on “LCI Blog: PR Predictions for 2013

  1. Hilary – great to get a global perspective on PR for the coming year. Thank you to all our PRGN partners for their excellent contributions. Cheers, David Landis

  2. Its great hearing all of the different perspectives from our PRGN partners – thanks for pulling all of this together and posting!

  3. I agree too that social media will be front and center in 2013 and that PR measurement tools will evolve. These are all great insights from around the world. My personal prediction for 2013 is greater transparency from companies. The global economy continues to grow rapidly raising the standard of transparency among U.S. and international companies.

  4. Great post! Some really interesting predictions! Completely agree with the comment about Social media and visuals. Infographics are set to be big in 2013.

  5. Thank you to everyone from around the world for your predictions! It will be interesting how this year plays out. Many thanks, Hilary

  6. Great to see how several different viewpoints can form a common & coherent vision.

  7. Mergers and acquisitions! Since the first of the the year, I have seen news of three public relations agencies in the US acquired by international media companies.

  8. we all agree that there will continue to be a mix of the new and the traditional; we are an industry that is relationship based and although information moves at lightening speed there is no substitute for a good old fashioned handshake or phone call! hope this is a trend that never changes. this is from someone who sleeps with her iPhone (much to my husband’s horror!)

  9. We’re already seeing the development of programs and tools to help us sort through the loads of information available to us. Hopefully 2013 will prove to be the year of streamlined content and tailored reach.

  10. Thank you for compiling all the various predictions – a lot of great thoughts here!
    I’d personally stress HWB’s point about mobile since I work a lot with digital programs. Not surprisingly, the amount of smart phone & tablet owners is growing – among numerous demographics. Many companies could benefit from not only focusing on enhancing their web presence for mobile, but also updating their websites to be created with adaptive/responsive design (i.e., If you visit, the content adjusts depending on the device, and even configuration of the browser’s window).

  11. Great predictions ! Well done ! Another one from France ? 2013 should be a very good year for PR as it always is during economical crisis time when advertising and event budget are cut down (sorry for them anyway, but, well…)

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