LCI Blog: Meet the Media – Marilynn Fowler: DJ at KPOO, public radio in San Francisco

This week, we had the pleasure to speak with Marilynn Fowler, DJ at KPOO

DJ Marilynn on a typical day lounging at home.

What’s your top story for today?
Since I’m a music DJ on KPOO, I play music and interview people about performances, events and science-related material. Right now, however, our top concern is making sure that community-based radio survives. KPOO is a listener-sponsored radio station that airs without commercials and only plays public service announcements submitted by people who live in the Bay Area. We interview people who are involved in local activities and we air local musicians to boot. Because we do not air commercials, we are constantly struggling to raise the funds to keep the station afloat. The DJs volunteer their time, so money raised goes to pay for the transmitter and the station bills. If I were to write a headline, it would be “KPOO Needs Your Help.”
Tell us about your dream assignment.
My dream assignment would be to interview the members of Graham Central Station.
Describe the wackiest story you’ve written or produced?
Once I did an entire show on how David Cassidy and Michael Jackson were the same
person. My favorite shows to do are what I call “Dirty Ditty Day,” where I play naughty blues songs. I have some that are too naughty to play during the day, and I sooooo wish I could play them.
What is your PR pet peeve?
My PR pet peeve is getting inundated with hundreds of emails every day. Most of
them are junk, some of them are valid but not local, and only a handful are actually pertinent to my show. Sometimes it takes me hours to weed out the dross.
Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in.
I don’t really follow the trends because that would require effort.
Tell us a little about yourself.
I have been a DJ at KPOO since 1988. The name of my blues show is “The Power
of Blues Compels You,” which airs Mondays, 9am – noon. In 2011 I added a one-hour interview show on Mondays at noon called “Let Me Touch Your Mind.” I try to do three interviews per show, focusing on performances and science.
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  1. Marilynn — Thanks for the great post! Keep up the great and noble work. I love KPOO in San Francisco… baby BABAYY!

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