LCI Blog: Meet the Media – Anthony Perlongo, Associate Publisher at San Francisco Magazine

dsWhat is the job description for an Associate Publisher?
An Associate Publisher answers to the Publisher. Typically, we keep our eye on productivity. My specialization is in revenue development. I look at market trends in different categories of business and how those categories are performing year over year. 2013’s better economy has boosted just about every category of business. Our job is to ensure that San Francisco Magazine remains relevant both in its editorial and revenue.

What’s your top story for today?  
The most recent article that drew the greatest response and page views was our article, “Is Tech Hurting SF“. Second to that was the Rose Pak article and her cigar smoking front cover.
Tell us about your dream assignment. 
My dream assignment would be to cover the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach. Iconic cars meet an iconic setting.
Describe the wackiest job you’ve had.  
The wackiest job I had was when I was an auditor for the IRS. I was working out of the Federal Building in downtown SF. My first assignment was to audit massage parlors. Being eager with my first assignment, I conducted interviews with the employees to uncover the cash tips not being reported. However, I completely overlooked other discrepancies on a specific return. My supervisor pointed out that while I was able to find unreported tips, I failed to question the six dependents on one return. The dependents, it turns out, were her cats.
What is your PR pet peeve?   dsds
We have excellent relationships with the majority of the PR partners we work with. Being sent information on client events and accomplishments keeps us informed. We are happy to receive the information.
My PR pet peeve would be expectations from certain PR firms that their client should have editorial coverage for events that their client has launched. My other pet peeve is not recommending an ad placement when it might be warranted.
Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in. 
The top industry trend is to develop a website that is compelling. We see our website and blogging as an extension of our magazine and not just a mirror image. It allows us to cover additional stories that may not make our print magazine.
Tell us a little about yourself.   
I have been involved with San Francisco Magazine for more than one year. The majority of my career was spent in radio management. I have learned that visual marketing (on-site product placement) both motivates advertisers and entices potential customers. San Francisco Magazine has given our clients the kind of return and response they’re looking for.
I am an avid golfer and tennis player. Being Sicilian, I love really good food and spend a great deal of time in our kitchen. My wife has no complaints. We consider ourselves blessed to live in the Bay Area.
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6 thoughts on “LCI Blog: Meet the Media – Anthony Perlongo, Associate Publisher at San Francisco Magazine

  1. Tony – an auditor for the IRS? and auditing massage parlors? You can’t make this stuff up. Thanks for a great contribution and I’m looking forward to your next Sicilian meal. Cheers, David

  2. Auditing massage parlors, I practically fell out of my chair laughing. That’s fantastic! Great feature. I love SF magazine.

  3. I love classic cars – so if you need an assistant for Pebble Beach – I volunteer!!!
    I really like the tech and SF story. What is amazing about San Francisco is that it generates these huge waves of change and adapts to the change these waves bring. Stories like that in your magazine helps keep that conversation provocative.

  4. What…you did not mention you are a great Scrabble player and you can beat up a crossword!
    You are a monumental worker and have a sense of humor…which may be the most important of all…

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