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JenLenoWhat’s your top story for today?
Right now I’m working on two stories for the Los Angeles Times Travel section, “14 Best Apps for the Traveler” and “14 Websites Every Traveler Should Know”. The topics are coordinated to be published the same week as the LA Times Travel Show, where I’ll be giving presentations on best travel apps.
Tell us about your dream assignment.
Actually, I’m less interested in assignments and more interested in bigger content projects. I just started working on a website of my own called, an ebook for my non-travel website, and someday creating an app (or several) of my own.
Describe the wackiest story you’ve written.
The craziest story I’ve written was a humorous piece about going to the sex shows in Bangkok. It was part of an anthology I edited for Travelers’ Tales called Sand in My Bra and other Misadventures: Funny Women Write from the Road.
What is your PR pet peeve?
My PR pet peeve is when I get calls during lunch hours. I’d prefer PR professionals think about what time zone I’m in, and do their best not to call when I might be having lunch, lets say 11:30-1pm Pacific. It should bother me more that sometimes they are calling off topic, but it’s actually the timing that bugs me most.
Top trend in the industry you’re currently covering or are interested in.
I love knowing and writing about the intersection between “social media/new media/digital media” and travel.  I also enjoy participating in social media trips. Recently I did a crowd-sourced weekend for Vail Resorts and Northstar California for my work at I’d love to do more of that if there is a destination looking for social media coverage.
Tell us a little about yourself.
I currently write the nationally syndicated Web Buzz column for the Los Angeles Times. Previously, I launched their Travel blog and was lead blogger there between 2007-2010. I also co-host the award-winning podcast This Week in Travel with Gary Arndt and Chris Christensen. I’m starting my own site, and am looking for hotel/vacation deals to Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and anywhere there’s a great Family Travel package.
In my non-travel life, I co-founded a website called where we review educational and fun iPhone, iPad and Android apps for kids. Once in a while I take a complimentary trip, especially if it’s family travel related and I can take my well-traveled 5 year-old, Cora. But I’m very up front about placement and those trips can never be mentioned in my work with Los Angeles Times or
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3 thoughts on “LCI Blog: MediaMonday – Jen Leo, Web Buzz columnist for the Los Angeles Times

  1. Jen, thanks for the post and I agree: no one should bother anyone during lunch. In fact, my favorite motto (which is emblazoned on our office walls) is “Let’s Have Lunch” — and I propose that I take you to lunch the next time you’re in SF or I’m in LA. Deal? Cheers, David Landis

  2. Hi Jen, I’ll be looking for your Best Travel Apps story soon. It’s been awhile since I’ve refreshed my own list of must-haves while on the road, so it’ll be good to see what’s perking up your ears on that front.

  3. Jen, I can’t wait to see the travel app article – I love both – apps and travel. What could be better than the combination of the two to plan, manage and remember great vacations? Sean

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