Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer – at Work

By Brianne Miller, Senior Public Relations Counselor 
A study by Captivate Networks revealed that office productivity plummets by 20 percent during the summer months in the United States. While we might anecdotally feel the winding down of the work treadmill, this number is staggering. Could the drop in productivity be – gasp! – a necessary byproduct of our overtaxed employees? How about we take control of the situation by trying to increase summer productivity while also taking advantage of some of that laid back attitude? Here are a few tips:

Don’t feel like “working?” Create!
Set your alarm for 15 minutes, shut the door (or pop in those ear buds) and work on something that feeds the mind and the soul. The subconscious might still be humming along on that work problem while you doodle, meditate or ponder the latest John Grisham. You’d be surprised how this “time out” often leads to an answer for your pressing concern.
Get out.
According to US News & World Report, 20 percent of workers always eat lunch at their desk.  When good weather is upon you, getting out for some fresh air and sunshine (I’m looking especially at you, Midwest and East Coast veterans of this year’s winter from hell) actually increases productivity. So leave the office behind and grab some grub.
Vacation without vocation.
61 percent of Americans planned on working during at least part of last summer’s vacation…and that’s just sad, people. You earned your vacation, so take it! This might be a great opportunity for a colleague to step up and shine on a project – or an assistant to make sure the workflow continues in your absence. Allow others an opportunity to make the best of your vacation situation.
Do you have any tips on turning the summer work doldrums into new ideas?Sound off!

4 thoughts on “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer – at Work

  1. Summer is also time to detach, reflect and re-energize. Great thoughts, Brianne – taking vacation will make you that much better when you come back to work! Cheers, David

  2. Brianne,
    Great tips and I think we all know how difficult it is to disconnect from work with all of our 24/7 anywhere devices that do their best to keep us connected.

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